10 December 2007

lysis with kenny wheeler- lysis plus 1979 (mosaic gcm 791) lame 320

here's one, by roger deans group lysis, with a guest appearance ( he plays throughout)by Kenny wheeler.
roger dean is not only a great pianist in a jazz/improv tradition, hes a true renaissance man who plays double bass in the context of contemporary chamber music, and has performed pieces by Scelsi and Xenakis among others.
having moved out here to Australia in the mid 80's this group with changed personnel still performs and records regularly under the name australysis.
i ve seen them live a few times in either context.
this one seems to me a minor classic somewhat reminiscent of very early sme albums like karyobin, and also successfully eclectic and ambitious composed pieces such as Barry guy's ode.
as an attempt at fusing advanced late 20th century compositional procedures and jazz it works rather well and seems more memorable than most similar attempts.
Kenny wheeler plays his challenging parts with aplomb, at times stealing the show.
amazing stuff.
this is a vinyl rip that is a little bit crackly(taken from the mosaic LP), its very listenable though far from mint, so I've ripped it to 320 lame only
still well worth checking out.
the music was composed with Kenny wheeler exclusively in mind.
one piece -destructures six , spans the entire lp.
roger dean- piano, db, vibes, xylophone
Ashley brown- percussion
Marc Meggido- db, Geoff warren- flute and saxes
John Wallace -tpt, Kenny wheeler- tpt, flg hrn


sotise said...

320 KBS


jazzme said...

I do not know how to download these any help thx

il angelo said...

Hi sotise,
Really curious about this one. I have read about Lysis and own Dean's book on Improvisation but never in fact come across any of his stuff. Anything with Wheeler in it is very wellcome.
Thanks once and once again

il angelo said...

... by the way Jazzme, cut and paste the links on the address bar.

romy said...

Great to have Kenny Wheeler on this boards!

I like the 2nd part better as it's 'jazzier' and find Wheeler more adventurous in his improvisations. Sound is good enough...

Nice one, Sotise! Thanks!

jazzme said...

Thx but this comes up file not found , got the Company lp great one thx

hideo said...

sotise, Dean is new to me and your annotations look quite intriguing--thanks

ps, jazzme, make sure the two links end in ".rar", I'm thinking your browser may be cutting off the last letters --paste the links below into notepad and then copy to your browser)



jazzme said...

Thx hideo new to this I have 90 % of the store bought discs available and I am just loving all the stuff these guys post to bad FMP won't let oop albums go on hopefully they will reissue them

Tantris said...

This sounds very interesting so far. What label was the LP issued on?

sotise said...

the lable was mosaic, a british label that put out mostly free improv, howard riley made some great solo albums for them, i also have another lysis album on mosaic
not as interesting its basically a (to my ears) progg influenced electric piano , fender bass trio very reminiscent of the 'canterbury' prog scene especially the trio EGG, but with more of an avant jazz emphasis.

Andy said...

dear sotise,

your description of the "less" interesting Lysis album sounds great to me!

any chance of you posting it anyway?

thx for this LP, fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this Lp is available on cd from FMR records in uk, and Roger Dean also just released 3 mosaic albums (Cycles, Superimpositions and Dualyses with a bonus track) on cd, for more info go to www.australysis.com.