6 December 2007

Joe McPhee, Ken Vandermark, Kent Kessler - Live Chicago 2002

Ken vandermark / Kent Kessler / Joe McPhee
June 15, 2002
Gallery 37
Storefront TheaterChicago, IL
June 15, 2002

Ken Vandermark - reeds
Joe McPhee - reeds/tp
Kent Kessler - bass

I think this is a killer recording. Not quite up to the historical uniqueness of the previous posting from sotise, but nevertheless, a farely rare combination of artists. Kessler has long been associated with KV in his bands, particularly Vandermark 5. This trio has in fact made a recording together, in 1996, still available on OKKA records.
There's some great trumpet work (or is it cornet ?) from McPhee, particularly on the first track (which is my favourite of the set).
I think the recording is an audience boot, but very good quality (I've heard far worse commercial recordings). Thanks to "guitars" for seeding.
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Boromir said...

Link VBR quality 0


centrifuge said...

ok, i'll bite!

hideo said...

think I picked this up elsewhere and my recollection is it's so good, I'll get it again in the event I was mistaken

(about having it, I mean ...)

(er, um sorry, off my meds again)

Anonymous said...

Nice set! Thank you Boromir.

sotise said...

looking forward to heaing this..
how can one go wrong here?
thanks boromir

Slothrop said...

Many thanks, Boromir. I was at this terrific performance and have fond memories. Gallery 37 is a wonderful acoustic space in which Joe's dynamics and thoughtfulness really flourish.

After listening to this again, my ears wonder if he's on the coronet on Track 1. But my eyes insist that he was on his ever-reliable pocket trumpet. For what it's worth.

eric said...

Any chance someone can update this with a working link?

Rob said...

I second eric's request: could someone please repost this? I know that I'm coming to the show late but I'd love to have this. Thanks.

Rob said...

Back again: Please, please could someone re-up this monster? Would love to have it. Thanks. Rob