31 August 2007

Ted Daniel Quartet - Live Recording Tokyo 1978

This recording orginated from an FM broadcast and comes by way of bit torrent (thanks to "blackforest" for seeding).


Ted Daniel trumpet, flugelhorn
Joseph Bowie tb
Hideaki Mochizuki b
Tatsuya Nakamura dr

Daniel has perhaps never had the recognition he deserves. He has recorded with the likes of Archie Shepp, Dewey Redman, Andrew Cyrille, Sam Rivers, Billy Bang and Henry Threadgill, but has made only 3 recordings under his own name (one of these, "Tapestry" was uploaded by James on his blog Nothing Is http://ajbenjamin2beta.blogspot.com/ and I see is still available - you'll have to search the blog to find it).

Joseph Bowie, whilst perhaps not having the great talent of his older brother, Lester, nevertheless is a good partner for Daniel. Again, several recordings from the 70s, featuring Bowie, can be found on the Nothing Is blog. I understand that nowadays he is involved more in funk bands, such as Defunkt, rather than with free jazz.

I know very little about the Japanese rhythm section, other than that Nakamura went on to play with John Zorn.

Recording ripped at 320 VBR. Link in comments (click post title).


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Looks great, thanks for putting it up

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tatsuya nakamura is a different person who played with john zorn and bill laswell.

Boromir said...

Thanks for that information anon. I guess tatsuya nakamura is the Japanese equivalent of John Smith.

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Great stuff! Thanks...

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New link (mp3)

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