4 July 2007


The first charles tyler album i ever heard!

i bought this in an opshop for a couple of dollars when i was first discovering this music in the 1980's
its a lot more arranged, than most of tylers other work, but no worse for that, this features the unique front line combination , of richard dunbars french horn, and tylers baritone sax, on the wonderfully mutant stroll of monks friday the 13th.
click on the black and white image for the personnel info.
track list
side a 1)uptown Manhattan puerto rico 2)folk like
side b 1)Friday the thirteenth, 2)the warlock mystery drama.
this is a vinyl rip 
I'm sorry i cant scan the covers in full, at the moment as i don't own a digital camera, and couldn't find an image on the web.
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sotise said...
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Reza said...

thanks for this sotise ....and for the comments, still enjoying your church no9 post
btw have link up to you :)

sotise said...

i hope you enjoy this, a little payback for all the stuff ive gleaned from your blog.
just to set the record straight ,though i dont post on church#9, you are confusing me with flux'us (we are distinct entities) , he recently posted steve reids nova there, he also has a freehand here.
as far as im concerned we should all be posting on each others blogs!

Reza said...

sotise ...I meant the church#9 post here by Frank Wright and Fluxus posted Steve Reids' Odyssey Of The Oblong Square at church number nine blog not Nova

Whatever thanks anyway :)

Frédito said...

I have a dilemma : should I choose flac or mp3 ? I'll go for flac ! :o)

Thank you very much Sotise, and Reza thanks for all your superb shares.

sotise said...
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sotise said...

reza ,sorry about the confusion
sometimes i like to get a little fucked up when im home alone doing this in the early hours.

freddi, glad you went for the flac
its a nice sounding record,a trifle dark toned perhaps in terms of the actual recording.
its probably my favourite tyler
i love his late phase, theres another great one from this period, billy bangs "rainbow gladiator".
similar vibe in many ways, joyous stuff.

sotise said...

one id love to hear is "one fell swoop" on silkheart in a pianoless quartet with lacy, not an easy one to find here in the deeper southern spheres.

Frédito said...

Sotise, I don't have "One fell swoop", otherwise I would have been happy to help you get an ear on it.
This Folk and mystery stories album is excellent. I like the instrumentation (I love cello) and the compositions make a nice blend of joyous (Uptown Manhattan Puerto Rico), mysterious (the beautiful Folk like) atmospheres.

sotise said...

glad you enjoyed this
the cellist on this is david baker
who engineered many many great jazz records, in the 70's and 80's
he also played trombone with george russell in the mid 60's.
he had played with tyler before appearing on 2 of tylers esp records

Frédito said...

Sotise, merci pour les informations supplémentaires.

C'est un bon album, dans lequel je distingue tout spécialement les seconds morceaux de chaque face.
Le solo de Tyler au baryton, sur Friday the 13th, ne m'emballe pas vraiment.

Abe said...

Thanks for putting this up, it's a great listen. On "uptown" (especially), you can hear them using the head as the springboard for the improv, the classic swing approach but with modern language... Great playing, great vibe.

sotise said...

UPDATE 8/12/08
ubu said...

'Here are the links for my tracked (and otherwise unchanged) version of:

Charles Tyler - Folk and Mystery Stories
(FLAC rip by sotise, tracked and re-upped & PDF cover by ubu)


CHARLES TYLER alto & baritone saxophones
RICHARD DUNBAR french horn

1. Uptown Manhattan Puerto Rico (Charles Tyler) 9:07
2. Folk Like (David Baker) 11:29
3. Friday the Thirteenth (Thelonious Monk, arr. Charles Tyler) 7:43
4. The Warlock Mystery Drama (Charles Tyler) 15:34

Produced by Keith Know
Recorded at Blue Rock Studio,
New York, on April 13, 1980
Engineer: Eddie Corvin
Mixing: Eddie Corvin & Charles Tyler'

kinabalu said...

New links:



bgt said...

Many thanks for this welcome reup !

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

The first tune here is pretty much the Blind Lemon Jefferson song "He Arose From the Dead."
Did both Tyler and Jefferson derive the melody from the same source material, perhaps?

indigonoir said...

Thank you very much. Great album.

serviceton said...

Bulkang, nice one for picking the Lemon Jefferson tune! You're right though, same source, rather than a cover version I think. It's an old black church song that goes back to the 1850s-1860s I believe. But yeah, but whenever I hear Track 1 on this, I've always heard Lemon singing "He rose, he rose, he rose from the dead.."

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

How funny, serviceton!
Rereading sotise's notes I'm flabbergasted that David baker the great fulsome round sound engineer is the same guy as here on cello and also on trombone with Russell!?! Whaaa...
I first heard Tyler on "ensemble" and then on bang's rainbow gladiator. I was like -this is the same guy?? Quite the range. A great musician that I love.

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

Oh, just looked it up. The trombonist and cellist is David Nathaniel baker jr. The sound engineer is another guy.

serviceton said...