7 May 2007


hi , heres the next in our hopefuly ongoing series of sadly unavailable lacy recordings
this comes from the 'horo' single lp hz series.
some of which are now commanding exorbitant prices ,when indeed they come up, it seems criminaly negligent that some enterprising lable has not picked up the catalog in its entirety.
great albums by(apart from lacy)sam rivers ,lester bowie, sun ra, mischa mengleberg, lee konitz, roswell rudd, archie shepp,mev,gunter hampel,and many others.
to see the contents of the catalog go to the saturn web jazz discogs, then click on- horo records checklist
this is a great one though it may have limited appeal to the unconverted.
lacy was always a poly stylist allowing himself to be influenced as much by visual art , and poetry, avant guard music in the european art tradition,folk traditions,japanese culture ,as by jazz tradition.
this one features mev stalwarts and long time friends alvin curran and frederic rezewski.
'threads' tracklist
side one(track 1 in the file)
1)skirts- 11'47'
2)threads -10'40'
side 2(tracks 3to 5in the file)
3) rabbit -4'55''
4) broils -7'27''
5) shambles -6'55''
most of the disc is solo more or less, alvin curran plays flugelhorn, synthesizer, and small percussion on tracks 3-5 , fredic rzewski plays piano on track 3
this was recorded at mama dog studio in rome , may 19, 1977
ripped to 256kbs mp3
'swami solus' this goes out to you thanks for your wonderful shares, you want more horo well c'mmon people lets bring it on,
ive got a lee konitz quartet and also the very 'free' konitz and solal double album 'duplicity' candidates for future posts.
anyone wanting more great lacy
go to jizz relics, and huppes et hyalites. as well as trawling the recesses of this archive if you havent already done so.


hideo said...

long overdue thanks

was just listening to the MEV's United Patchwork with some of the same principals and realized I hadn't even heard this yet ... embarassing

laslaw01 said...

This is always been one of my favorite Lacy recordings. This album is not 'mostly solo'. Side A is solo, while side B contains the considerable contributions of Rzewski and Curran.

The first track, "Skirts," shows Lacy soloing at his best, incorporating elements of swing into his deliberating style. On Side B, the highlight is the second track, "Broils," which (like "Rabbit" and "Shambles," actually) is very much a collaborative performance of that composition. Lacy, Curran and Rzewski fully interact here - the latter two are no mere accompanists but extend and deepen the work.

This recording is also thankfully free of Irene Aebi, who utters what are surely the worst vocals in the history of jazz or new music.

laslaw01 said...

BTW, you needn't publish this comment. Just note that a blog search for "Lacy" doesn't turn up this page or the recording. Also, searches for Rzewski and Curran turn up nothing. Cheers.

marten512 said...

I confess that I was unaware of Steve Lacy's (non-Soul Note) Italian recordings until I discovered inconstant sol. A huge 'thank you' - the second side in particular is fascinating stuff. Why did Lacy record so little with Frederic Rzewski?

Also, I don't wish to start an argument, but: Iaslaw01's comment about Irene Aebi's voice is just offensive 'twaddle'.

Anonymous said...

This looks really fantastic...however the link is gone...any chance of a new one? Thanks in anticipation!

nijimasu said...

might I second the request to reup? would definitely like to hear this one of lacy.

kinabalu said...

This has been reupped:


Mega link is working.