27 May 2007


Lloyd McNeill - Washington Suite - Asha Three (1970)


Between 69 & 79 McNeill self produced and released 6 lp’s,
(3 on Asha & 3 on Baobab) all of which are worth owning!
However it is the Asha releases that are the most sort after,
Whilst his first album includes the brilliantly; dark & brooding
22 min Opening track “Asha”,
“Washington Suite” for me is his magnum opus.
A 5 star lp from start to finish!
But please do let me know what you think?


Lloyd McNeill Quartet: A1/A2/A3/B2.

Lloyd McNeill - Flute
Eugene Rush - Electric Piano
Marshall Hawkins - Bass
Eric Gravatt – Drums

Woodwind Quintet: B1

Lloyd McNeill - Flute
Andrew White - Oboe
Orrin Olson - French Horn
William Huntington - Clarinet
Kenith Pasmanick – Basson

Duo: B3

Lloyd McNeill - Flute
Eugene Rush - Piano


A1 - Home Rule
A2 - Just 71% Moor
A3 - 2504 Cliffbourne Place
B1 - Fountain In The Circle
B2 - City Tryptich; Sandra Is The City, The Black Mayor, Imani (Faith)
B3 - Fountain In The Circle

Vinyl rip @ 256kbps



ryan said...

I live in Washington (just a few blocks from 2504 Cliffbourne Pl. as a matter of fact) but wasn't aware of McNeill - thanks so much for posting this!

Flux'us said...


Thanks for taking the time to comment.

It is always good to find a new artist that you like?

sotise said...

thanks for this flux'us it took a few listens to penetrate its surface blandness, im enjoying it immenseley now.
it has an odd unhurried very dreamlike quality.
for some reason the charts(there doesnt seem to be much improvising)
reminded me of milhaud and poulencs
chamber music for winds.
perhaps youd consider posting, the other lp you mentioned, id love to hear their brooding turbulent side.
a challenging post

djh said...

Thanks for this, a new name to me also. Definately more adventurous that it sounds at first.
I'd definately like to hear that dark and frooding track from the first album if you feel the inclination.
Best Regards from sunny South London

Flux'us said...

Ok; I will will try to get Asha (his first album) ripped soon!!
I have a few other items i'm preparing at the moment.

Tension said...

Have been enjoying Washington Suite for the last few weeks....but I couldn't remember where Id picked it up (!)
So a belated thanks.

Burning Blue Soul said...

Very late of course--but that's perhaps because I own this one, and have never found anything else by McNeill on the blogs. IN your own comment Flux'us you mentioned posting Asha 1, did you ever? And if you haven't would you consider doing it? I've only heard it once in my life, and I'd love to own it even in mp3 form. Thank you if you ever even get this!


Holly said...

VERY VERY late - but MANY, MANY thanks :-)

Bender said...

Link is dead, unfortunately ='(

Unknown said...

The link is dead, NO!!!!!!