2 May 2007


boromir said ' I've been away for a couple of weeks so just getting back to my computer. I see from your blog you're having problems with your computer - sorry to hear about that. They're OK when they're working, but a bugger when they go wrong. I've upped the other Henri Texier recording I have

, the Strada sextet live at the Gateshead festival 2005 (that's in the north east of England, near Newcastle).

Live Recording at the Gateshead Festival 2005, personnel is

Henri Texier - bass Francois Corneloup - soprano & baritone saxophone Sebastien Texier - alto sax, clarinets Guergui Karnazov - trombone Manu Codjia - guitar Christophe Marguet - drums Sadly it's only ripped at 128, but the sound quality is very good I think. There was some interest in this concert shown when you posted the trio concert. Link is:

yep you cant go wrong with this, for more info on texier go here ,to our previous post

the above image is from jazzmagazine.com
cheers and thanks 'boromir


Anonymous said...

That's great great music, powerful and "genuine", if it makes sense ; I mean it's original. Fervour, grace and social consciousness. Who could ask for more ?

I hope Boromir won't mind if I submit an archive of my own, not different in contents but displaying a "224kbps" bitrate ; listening to it now, wow... The sound is pretty decent, but may well be an actual 128 > 224 transfer ; well, that's not the most essential point, is it ? ;o))

Beautiful horn solos, check out the very progressive one on Sacrifice.

Boromir said...


Please feel free to submit your version. I'd love to get a better quality one, so I'd certainly d/l yours and give it a whirl.

Haqve you heard "Mad Nomads" ? It's great ! (I think it's still available in a limited way so I can't post it)

H&H said...

Yes Boromir, Mad No(mads) is one of my favorite Texier records, for one good reason : that was my first buy of Texier's works. And if I recall, Texier junior, Sébastien, was already in the line-up. There is a play on words mad, nomad, no mad (mad means water in Bretagne native tongue, and of course the lack of water "no mad" is not a light issue for the nomads living in the Sahara, some tracks are named after them if my memory serves me well)...

You and everyone interested can find the Gateshead recording in my own little garden > http://huppeshyalites.blogspot.com/
in the most recent post. Very happy to contribute and thanks again guys for all these wonders.

h&h (formerly chaamba)

centrifuge said...

aha... things are becoming clearer... h&h is chaamba... i see :)

thanks for this recording, which i asked you for... of course i'm now wondering whether it would be better to download h&h's version, but then sound quality isn't such an issue for me to be honest - so long as i can hear all the instruments i'm happy...

glad to hear "sacrifice" again, i had memories of corneloup's solo and of course the album which contains that piece (remparts d'argile) is only a trio recording.

H&H said...

Remparts d'argile is named after a film made in the early 70s, have you seen it Centrifuge ? Speechless, only the voices of wind, of a wheel, of the steps on the dry earth...and rare visits of officials, men from the town. Inspired by the life of an algerian village during the colonial period, and actually made in Tunisia if I recall. Texier Trio gave a series of concerts while the film was projected, I wish I was in the audience.
P.S : the record released by Label Bleu is one of my very favorite Texier, along with the more recent and quite different "String Spirit"

centrifuge said...

h&h - i haven't seen it, in fact i haven't heard the whole album, just bits of it - i know about the circumstances of the recording because henri talked to julian joseph about it on jazz legends... i have only one album by texier in fact - (v)ivre - and have heard other bits and pieces, but i really do like his music and will certainly hear more!

centrifuge said...

boromir - no offence mate, but your editing on those files was well dodgy ;-) in your efforts to remove all traces of the audience, you've lopped the beginnings off most of the tracks! why not just leave the applause in..? (or were you concerned to remove any links?)

some disparity too between the five numbers supplied here and the four listed by h&h, same as on the r3 page for the broadcast... in any case it's not a big issue for me, i realise now that it's only the first two pieces here which i didn't already have; the others ("decent revolt", "lady bertrand", "black march revolt") were all aired in the re-broadcast, the difference being that they replaced "sacrifice" with a very long, rather laid back version of "old delhi".

thanks to both of you (again)!

H&H said...

Thank you for the precious info, Centrifuge. I've been considering the share of the JMS cd box, focusing on the 70s album of Texier, mostly solo efforts with the help of rerecording. Until I found an available item on the net. Gotta go now, some tagging work to do on my Texier files :o))

Boromir said...


Why is it that most of your comments to the stuff I've put up starts off with "no offence mate but ...".

It's either the tracks are too slow, or editted wrongly or the sound qualities crap.

If you are such a perfectionist stay the fuck away from my posts.