14 April 2007

steve lacy-sortie (gta records italy 1966)

hi all

heres the next item in our ongoing lacy series

a long out of print,very free 1966 session recorded in milan.

very similar conceptualy to lacy's classic ESP disc 'forrest and the zoo' of the same year.

same front line different rythm section.

enrico rava sounding like a mutant cross of chet baker with don cherry.

fabulous stuff

hardly any of lacys stuff from this period seems to be available with the sole parenial exeptions being,forrest and the zoo and ,moon.

perhaps lacy's just a little to dry and eccentric, why dig up these old jems to reissue when you can repackage yet more live coltrane and milk it to the last drop.


1/ Sortie (Lacy) 12:00 2/ Black Elk (Lacy) 10:00 3/ Helmy (Lacy) 2:20 4/ Fork New York (Lacy) 14:00 5/ Living T. Blues (Lacy) 3:40 6/ 2-Fou (Lacy) 0:03

Recorded in Milan, Italy on February 7, 1966

Steve Lacy: soprano; Enrico Rava (except on (3)): trumpet; Kent Carter: bass; Aldo Romano: drums.

1966 - GTA Records, GT LP 1002 (LP) 1966 - Polydor, 623 223 (LP) 1967 (?) - Globe (Japan), SMJ-7429 (LP)

NB/this is a great sounding album for its day and the vinyl was clean, so ive ripped this@256kbs mp3

cheers enjoy


Brent said...

very cool record. anybody else have problems w/ these files, though? they don't seem to be read-only, but i can't seem to change any of the file info. once i download them.

Brent said...

and is the last track really three seconds long?

Prospectus said...

Thank you for providing this album. This album is a great follow up to Disposiblity, which contains the same rhythm section sans Rava.

Here is the original album cover for those that are interested: http://senators.free.fr/Listen/Covers/large_Covers/lp/Sortie.JPG

I wouldn't be so hard on Coltrane. Some of his live material is pretty amazing.

Can't wait for Stalks!

P.S: Have you heard the album Points? Another essential Out of printLacy album.

Bondi said...
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Bondi said...
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Bondi said...

Excelente disco! Gracias por compartir tu música... Te dejo un link con unas tapas de Sortie con temas distintos a los que publicas en tu site.


Abrazo !!

dipmong said...

gracias bondi,
my italians poor, but i can reply to future comments in french if you
can write in french
prospectus, unfortunately i dont have points, i think ive heard it, the one on chant du monde right.
if you have it and would like to post it email me at
as for trane dont get me wrong i love him, i wasnt critisizing him just the industry panjandrums/mandarins who profit from endless repackages of the same material,
theres so much good stuff from that period which is almost lost to us through the neglect of the corporations (thee or four of whom decide what will be available to us)even dedicated people like those at mosaic have this elitist mentality of fostering, rarity, by limiting their editions.
prospectus if you have points please..let's post it.

Bondi said...

Would you please reupload Lacy´s "Disposability" ?


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find all the free jazz music at the below pages. Thanks! With these Steve Lacy Record, I'm now 19 down, and 23 to go! Thanks Again!



downlowsoul said...

Great record.....Lacy with this rhythm section is among the greatest things in music!

downlowsoul said...

Oh yeah.....THANKS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Re-up please? Thanks again.

hahaouahlol said...

i'd love to hear this!