4 April 2007

ddaa 'nouveaux bouinages sonores, dans la periode '1992 illusion productions

this one goes out to
mutant sounds
its a good one from 1992, by mysterious french experimental ,outsider ,stalwarts ddaa, there is very little info about this amazing music on the web.
and they seem to me at least often innacurately identified as an industrial band.
as a group they started playing music in
different guises in various combinations around 1975
the main members seem to be jean luc andre, guitar,piano,harmonica,percussion, textes, voice and electronics
and sylvie fee-violin ,piano, bass, percussion ,guitar ,voice, etcetera
stylistically, they are hard to pin down , mysterious cultic ramblings , texts that are as likely to draw on the russian anarchist revolutionary mackno as on french medievil litterature,
their website suggests an interest in ancient tribal cultures, and the music at times seems to comprise a radical inspired visionary primitivism.
musically there are many paralells with contemporaries such as nurse with wound in other words this is uncategorizable, and every album is inevitably quite different.
this release 'noveaux bouinages sonore ' (dans la periode) is one long hypnotic collaged piece, with many interelated subsections or parts that seem to melt together and coalesce into a vivid disturbing whole.
i confess i know nothing at all about this band, but have enjoyed whatever i could glean over the past few years.
any one who likes experimental, and avant guard rock ,that is visionary in scope and diverse in its employ of soundsources, will probably enjoy discovering this
the subconcious plays a large part .
most of their releases have been limited to 500 or a thousand pressings and their early cassettes and lps , seem (judging by the prices on amazon and ebay to be highly collectible).
a pity because this music deserves much wider exposure.
some of their early music
action et demonstation japonaise 1981, and 'live in accapulco ' 1980 can be found at the great mutant sounds blog (see links)
their generally non informative, and deliberately obfuscatory webpage can be found here

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