24 March 2007

steve lacy/maarten altena-high , low and order 1978

continuing on with the series of out of print

steve lacy recordings, here's one that has not been reissued in the hatology series.

this is a set of scrabbly free improvs, by 2 master composers.

its stark even by lacys standard from this vintage (1978)

lacy here deploys his full range of extensions in ofthe soprano's register.

some of the upper partials are dog whistle pitched, that combined with altena's frantic bowing may make for quite uncomfortable listening.

that said there are extraordinarily lyrical passages, and there's plenty of dry humour too.

HIGH, LOW AND ORDER: Maarten Altena, Steve Lacy 1/ High (Lacy, Altena) 2:34 2/ Off-Hand (Lacy, Altena) 4:29 3/ Post (Lacy, Altena) 5:44 4/ Low (Lacy, Altena) 4:08 5/ Blush (Lacy, Altena) 2:24 6/ Inconsistent-Shuffle (Lacy, Altena) 6:57 7/ Notice (Lacy, Altena) 3:33 8/ Order (Lacy, Altena) 2:02 9/ Hop (Lacy, Altena) 3:13 10/ Breeze (Lacy, Altena) 3:50 11/ Kiss (Lacy, Altena) 2:19 Recorded at the Shaffy Theater, Amsterdam, December 9 and 10, 1978 Maarten Altena: bass; Steve Lacy: soprano. 1979 - Claxon (Holland), 79.3 (LP) 1990 - Hat Hut Records (Switzerland), hat ART CD 6069 (CD)

this is a rip from the 1990 cd @220kbs mp3

link- http://rapidshare.com/files/21856889/hlo.rar

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Michael said...

The title is not "High and Low Order". It is High, Low and Order". Look at the cover.

Frédito said...

I'm a bit late on this one ; Sotise, thanks a million for this wonder ! Excellent

Anonymous said...

I got this a couple of days ago from you - it's great!

thanks a million


Rob said...

Had this for years on LP. One of my all time favorites of Lacy. Thanks for reminding me. Rob

john said...

quite curious about this; I love Lacy but am cautious about him in very free / abstract mode. Thanks for giving the chance to hear it.

francisco santos said...

re post, please...