9 March 2007

mike cooper with-' micro megas '(aka galapagus fuck)

hi all
heres a private tape of the legendary british improvising/folk blues guitarist- mike cooper, playing with the almost unknown shortlived australian improv/drone rock collective 'micro megas' (aka galapagous fuck ,in honour of their formative influence).
this is a privately pressed cdr 10 copies or so only. recorded in the blue mountains n.s.w in 2004
all the tracks are untitled.
mike cooper-hawaian steel guitar, radio ,voice,track 1
only(its the longest track 40 minutes)
martin kirkwood- electric guitar,tapes,objects chris lines-double bass
john prendergast-cello,synth, perc. and queen mongo (slve to the slrc)- wind instruments ,objects, implements ,larynx.
for those who prefer their improv raw and unrefined,this very noisy session is for you.
it will surprise those who thought they knew mike's elegant national steel guitar style.
yes this is the mike cooper- of recedents fame
why he should have chosen to play with such a bunch of ecstato/primitive unknowns nobody knows.
nb )this recording is very grainy, and a little low- fi
heres a link to mike coopers homepage http://www.cooparia.org.uk/
(i highly recommend live at cineclub detour an improv trio with richard nunns,and the italian instrument maker/improviser-elio martusciello)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for spreading Mike's work. Please could we have this re-up'd - it's a gem. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Please re-up