5 March 2007

jazz composers orchestra -communications 1964-65

hi all here's the classic communications from,1964 on fontana.its been unavailable for many years and only available on cd in japan in the early 90's

it is now out of print.

last year i saw a copy on ebay(the cd,that is )going for the ridiculous price of us $100.

unfortunately i cant find a review, but its a fine compliment to,the 1968 record on jcoa which is available on watt(distributed by ecm).

personnel- paul bley-pno, steve lacy-soprano, jimmy lyons-alto, roswell rudd-trb mike mantler-trpt ,composer(tracks ,2 3)archie shepp-tenor, john tchicai-alto, fred pirtle-winds, willie ruff -french horn, ken mcintyre-reeds, robyn kenyatta-reeds, bob carducci-reeds,fl, kent carter and steve swallow-db, milford graves and barry altschul-drums, carla bley-composer track#1

this was ripped to 192kbsmp3 (rapidshare)

link= http://rs8.rapidshare.com/files/19524059/jazz_composers_orch.rar



Anonymous said...

Used to have this album, about 40(?) years ago when I was a student. Couldn't really get on with it - preferred the later JCOA stuff but interesting to have the chance to hear it again.

Boromir said...

Like anon I had this record more years ago than I can remember. I think I was attracted to the design on the cover, there were several recordings put out by Fontana with similar designs (probably the same artist). I'll find it interesting to here it again. Thanks for the post.

chaamba said...

Thank you ; I enjoyed it, reminded me of the later Alan Silva's large ensembles. Very intense and nice sound.

King Kennytone said...

Dipmong man>>
things are lookin' good here on your BLOG my frien'..

These old FONTANA discs are just, like, beautiful. |¬|`\````¬


yes again.

dipmong said...

thanks all for your comments
yeh this is one i too regreted selling,luckily i managed to aquire it again ,i think i actually prefer it to the double on jcoa.
kk nice to hear from you man.
when you gonna post the second half of that shannon jackson gig?

lee said...

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. YOU ARE A MAN OF IMPECCABLE TASTE SIR. i'm the guy who goes on jazz forums and says: if they're famous , ignore them [miles, weather report, etc.... blahhhhhgghhh! ] and keep looking for the real treasure. you are a great help in that pursuit. and i am grateful.

jmarc said...

genius blog! my ears are truley opened. But i missed out on this post. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re-up this great album. thank you. j/

ghostrancedance said...

Same here... That is, I missed this post. The RS link is now dead. :(

Any chance of re-posting?

Thanks & happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a superb selection of otherwise unavailable music!

I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to locate this album for a couple of years and missed it when it was available here.

Could you possibly repost it?

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

'just discovered this blog which is so amazingly rich.
and thank you!
I'm excited by the reference to Alan Silva and hopefully you'll post this one again sometime soon.

DonNewcombe said...

I would also like to jump in to beg you to re-post this album. I was reluctant to do so at first, especially since I've already grabbed so much from your site, but why not? All those tough to find Fontana releases seem to be pretty impressive...

Anonymous said...

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"The file could not be found. Please check the download link."


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Anonymous said...

For CD-Flac go here:


Thanks to uploder!

sachat54 said...

hello ... is it possible to "refresh" that stuff and to propose a new link ..? thanks ! d.L.

Danish Vaishyas said...

Is a re-up possible? Would be much appreciated.

kinabalu said...

More than possible, I'd say.


sachat54 said...


Brohus said...

Thanks a lot!

Daniel Karrer said...

Wonderful post! Thank you very much!!!
This is the best blog on the net by far!!!