12 March 2007

evan parker-live at the finger palace 1978

hi all
heres a link to evan parkers great solo recital from 1978 'live at the finger palace' on the now defunct beak doctor lable.
this record is from a concert in sanfrancisco 1978
this file is in FLAC format .
and has kindly been provided by Pierre c. a future collaborator (we hope).
thanks pierre!!

also for those wantin to inform themselves of e.p's projects both past and present click on the link to the european free improv pages.


Brent said...

anyone have any recommendations on flac players or flac-->mp3 conversion? i've tried four different programs, none of wch worked.

dipmong said...

i dont play files in their oriinal format,so i probably cant help you.
i have a really basic nero burning program and i use the cole2k media audio plugin which forces nero to burn most kinds of files.

Boromir said...

Hi dipmong,

As requested, here's Grachan Moncur's "New Africa" - Grachan Moncur III (trombone); Roscoe Mitchell (flute, alto saxophone); Dave Burrell (piano); Alan Silva (bass instrument); Andrew Cyrille (drums) + Archie Shepp (last track only). No scans as it wasn't my rip originally.

I have another Moncur - "Some Other Stuff", with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock and Tony Williams, 1964. More mainstream, but still very good. Let me know if you're interested. It's only available on Japanese import.

Re: the Shepp. I think I have the original on Polydor "One For The Trane". Saba brought out a CD (no longer available) in 2000 entitled "Life at Donaueschinger". I'm not sure whether there was an earlier Saba LP. Whichever was the first, it's a fantastic recording, highly recommended.

Brent: to convert flac, you could try a piece of freeware I use (download from www.koyostar.free.fr). Converts mp3,wma,ogg,aac,ape,flac,wav

dipmong said...

thanks boromir
for the new africa link, i used to have the oriinal vinyl,the saba lp life at donaueschingen did exist i have it,i take it then that your cd is is the same.
thanks for the offer of some other stuff it is a great album ive got the connoiseur limited ed cd,but i believe its just been reissued in the blue note rv series.
boromir ive really been enjoying your rips for c and d of british stuff.
especially amalgam, and mike osbourne's outback, great records.
if you ever want to post here as an equal contact me and ill formaly invite you.
my mails dipmong@hotmail.com
i love mainstream jazz, just not quite as much as free improv, and free jazz.
you wouldnt happen to have amalgams
wipe out would you? the impetus release.

Frédito said...

Thanks Dipmong, Evan Parker is unique. Extraordinaire !

Ernesto said...

The link is no more active. There is a chance of reactivation?

plaidretina said...

Just listed an original LP of this on ebay, NM condition

Impotent Wisdom said...

Switch works well for me for converting music files from one type to another. I like foobar for playing flac files. I wish this link were active.