10 March 2007

anthony braxton townhall 1972

hi all
heres one that goes out, to maclintic sphere, see
church#9 blospot ,for a fine thread of anthony braxton's as yet unavailable arista recordings

this one too has been unavailable for some time
this is taken from the japanese tokuma lables early 90's reissue.
a great concert, featuring 3 long tracks ,2 of which are the usual medleys of braxton tunes the other being all the thins you are.

collective personnel for this concert though not for every track is braxton, jeanne lee, dave holland, phillip wilson,john stubblefield and barry altschul.

enjoy this stunning live concert.
you'll find braxtons discog (a link to it)at the saturn web jazz discogs site check the links section on this blog.


NB/ it has
been pointed out to me by centrifuge (refer to comments)that i mislabled the tracks during the ripping process.
track 1,is in fact track 3 and 3 ,1 sorry about that,mild dislexia kicks in again!


centrifuge said...

yet more braxton... keep 'em coming!

just like to clarify something (please excuse me - i'm a stickler for detail): your file titled "one" is actually track three, and vice versa...

how did they get all that lot onto one lp?? no wonder it's quiet! the grooves must be packed in so tight, it's a minor miracle that any playable copies have survived ;-)

centrifuge said...

oh yes, and speaking of details - track one (i.e. your file "three") is right-channel only for the first 26 secs. is that on the original or a fault of the rip?

dipmong said...

hi centrifuge
thanks for pointing these inconsistency's out.
my rip was from the takuma cd reissue not the vinyl ive never seen the lp
my cd inexplicably ,ive just double checked IS in mono for the first 30 seconds or so. no idea why that is and ive never noticed it before for some reason.
and yes youre right i miss labled the tracks in a moment of dislexic confusion.
i noticed yesterday that someone put this up at the skapunkfunk forum,it may be a vinyl rip i dont know.
you may want to check it out.
its in the ,heaven forbid- anthony braxton thread.
i'll make a note on the post that the tracks are mislabled
sorry about that

centrifuge said...

hi dipmong,

well, i'm not a member of sfrp, and to be honest i have more stuff than i can deal with at the moment as it is - so i'm happy to remain "on the outside" for the time being..! i'm happy with your rip. if it's mono at that point on the cd, presumably it's a recording fault... no big deal really. cheers

King Kennytone said...


You truly are a Braxton hero for digging this one out, Dipmong, old chap.

Also, to clarify, or perhaps obfuscate, the point Cent makes aboot running time, it is King Kennytone's belief that the orig. was a DOUBLE LP (Trio PA 3008/9 (LP)) #||¬`\`\ hence the oblique slash between the 8 & the, er, nine, so to speak.


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

wow, thanks so much for this... my personal copy was "liberated" a few years ago and i always wanted to get this album back into my stereo!