1 February 2015


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Mototeru Takagi, tenor saxophone
Sabu Toyozumi, drums

Recorded live in October 2002 at Man-Bou, Izakaya

CDr Rip


Nick said...




Motogotozo said...

Nick, I actually just ordered an album of his thru IMJ! You run the Disneyland of Japanese jazz for us here!And provide a much-needed spiritual antidote to the sickening saga of Mr. Goto [RIP].

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, Nick.

-Otto- said...

Thank you, Nick!

As for Motogotozo's comment, I'm utterly clueless about the Disneyland of Jp. jazz, sickening sagas, and all that. Must be some insider joke.

Nick said...

Mr Goto is the journalist who was murdered in Syria, Otto.

-Otto- said...

That's no joke then. Sorry about my ignorance.

john said...

thanks, I don't know either of these two, and look forward to hearing it, it looks interesting.

Duh-zo said...

Disneyland here in the USA was a place of dreams,fun and anticipation. Millions of kids were raised to hope their parents would take them there, and later DisneyWorld. Nick's bottomless bag of jazz goodies creates in me the same feeling. He knows it was a compliment, I'm sure! The rest is kinda self-explanatory, isn't it? I give up...

SOTISE said...

More superb Takagi , thank You!!

Nickiscoolzo said...

Nick, I just found out from IMJ that the Takagi "2001.07.06" cd I ordered is now O/P. Oh well! But still I highly recommend to everyone they order from IMJ- they still have a lot of great stuff and are fast and friendly. And do you know anything about Universal supposedly
reissuing a lot of great Japanese free jazz stuff? Thanks!

Nick said...

There were lots of re-releases on Think! recently through


and on


and Universal under

Deep Jazz Reality

The Misha Mengelberg / Sabu Toyozumi - The Untrammeled Traveller on IMJ is a winner

DW said...

Thank you!!

corvimax said...

astonishing what goes on in Japan, never reach ther west often, and thank you