1 February 2015


Saw my rip reposted on another blog  - might be interesting for our followers as well..

Below is what I wrote in December 2010 (a few days before New Year):

This one was a real discovery when I got it some weeks ago. I knew Art Brooks only from his work with Bill Dixon and from the last Collective 4tet "In Transition" on Leo, which - by the way - is excellent.
This is not the work of a "mere" student but the entirely realised and idiosyncratic composition from a still unsung master. I love it.

Lend your ear to the "Nightcaller".

Maureen Hoy, flute
Art Brooks, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Steve Simon, tenor saxophone
Paul Austerlitz, bass clarinet
Kevin Campbell, amplified guitar
Beverly Dyer, cello
Laurie Moses, piano
Chris Faris, double bass
Sydney Smart, trap drums

Ensemble V (Bennington College Black Music Division)

1. Nightcaller (part one) 16:33
2. Nightcaller (part two) 15:20

Recorded June 6, 1977 (Bennington College ?)

Liner notes and cover design: Bill Dixon
Composed, recorded and produced by Art Brooks

IBMS 001


onxidlib said...
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freebones said...

this looks neat. many thanks.

pepdrum said...

awesome ... thans a lot

Anonymous said...

Enjoying this a lot..thanks!

gd said...

thanks for this!
Art lives in Burlington Vermont now and plays a weekly gig here at the Radio Bean. His new group is called Ensemble V. good stuff!

onxidlib said...

Hi GD,

do you know wether Art Brooks has some other recordings available?

matt w said...

Here's a nice recent article about Arthur Brooks from a local newspaper:


I don't know if he has any other albums as a leader.

onxidlib said...

Matt - thank you!

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whoops, never mind... bill

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Totally overlooked it the first time around. Thanks for the re-up, onxidlib!

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

DITTO OTTO! (the echo is spreading:)

DW said...

Could you repost this? Maybe it is just me, but my 1fichier was slow and then not available. Only time this has happened.

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onxidlib, thank you!!