28 April 2018


A1. Form För Sextett
A2. Två Blå - Fyra Blå(sare)
A3. Six And Four

B1. En Man Satt Vid Rödingsjön Och Hade Torskat Sin Sista Spinnare
B2. Possibile
B3. Summer Is Gone

Chris Holmström, alto & baritone saxophone, flute, clarinet
Wåge Finér, alto & tenor saxophone, claves
Gösta Wälivaara, bass
Ivan Oscarsson, drums
Lars Olovsson, trombone
Bengt Ernryd, B-trumpet, diskantposaun, zinka, Japanese bamboo-flute, voice, mellophone
Stefan Ernryd, piano intro

Recorded on 2 October, 1966

Magnum ‎– MLP-713 - mono

LP Rip


Nick said...


francisco santos said...


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you Nick for your rip. Since many weeks I'm declicking a rip from my copy of the LP which is quite full of clicks 'n' pops. I believe the pressing wasn't very good in the first place.
Now I shall stop my efforts - really appreciated.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Do you have the red one or the black version?

Nick said...

It's black

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

OK - would like to know wether the red one sounds better - most probably not.
I assume red vinyl must have been a rarity back then.
Really enjoy the playing of Bengt Ernryd. Sadly he hasn't recorded too much.
Thanks again, Nick.

Solomon said...

Thank you Nick!

BT said...

Many thanks

correct silence said...

It is one of the musicians that I discovered here so this post is a welcome addition to the preview ones. A real interesting musicians with some oriental influences and some originality in the structures of the compositions without being really free. At this time, the musicians who were like Ernryd able to have a distinguishing voice, are really fascinating for me. Thank you Nick... and the transfer is perfect.

brian said...

many many thansk!