27 April 2018

Miłość, Tymon I Trupy - Muzyka Do Filmu Sztos - Gowi Records 1997

For the last post of this serie, let’s finish where we’ve started. This split cd is the perfect exemple of the Yass movement. Two bands are featured on this recording Miłość (love) and Tymon I Trupy. If Miłość was the most popular group of this movement, its music remains pretty much in the tradition of jazz. Noticeably less popular, Tymon I Trupy shows more the Yass spirit by having much wider influences. The leader of those two bands and one of the founding members of this cultural movement is the multi instrumentalist Tymon Tymański. An interesting article about the history and ideas of Yass can be found here:
Last but not least Miłość shared the studio and the stage with Lester Bowie, they have recorded two albums together that will perhaps be featured here in the future.
-Pamiętny Merta (Przykrywanie Gałęziami / A Nuż Bóg
-Kontredans II
-Doxy II
-Kontredans III
-Senna I
-Etno II
-Senna II
-Zdrowy Kołłątaj I
-Pływaj Obok Mnie
-Chory Kołłątaj
-Zdrowy Kołłątaj II
*Tymon I Trupy
-Widziałem, Widziałem
-Komu Się Poskarżyć
-To Coś

-Mikołaj Trzaska: alto & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
-Tymon Tymański: contrabass
-Jacek Olter: drums
-Lesław Możdżer: piano
-Maciej Sikała: tenor & soprano sax
*Tymon I Trupy
-Tomasz "Święty" Hesse: bass guitar
-Jacek Olter: drums
-Tomasz Gwinciński: guitar
-Lesław Możdżer: keyboards
-Maciej Sikała: tenor sax
-Tymon Tymański: vocals, guitar
Music for the film « Sztos" by Olaf Lubaszenko
Recorded on  3, 5 and 17 March 1997 in the studio of Polish Radio Gdańsk.

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