2 May 2018

Irene Schweizer Trio + Barney Wilen, Manfred Schoof & Dewan Motihar - Live In Bremen October 30, 1967

It will certainly be less interesting than a lesson of meditation by the Pr L. But I have nothing better for answering, sorry.
01 Raga Kafi
02Anything Two
03 Sun Love
04 Breathtaking
05 Brigach And Ganges
bass: Uli Trepte
Drums: Mani Neumeier
Piano: Irene Schweizer
Sitar: Dewan Motihar
Tablas: Keshay Sathe
Tampura: Kusum Thakur
Tenor & Soprano sax: Barney Wilen
Trumpet & Cornet: Manfred Schoof 
Track 1 is based on a traditional and it is a duet between Dewan Motihar and Keshay Sathe. Track 2 is just the trio of Schweizer, Trepte and Neumeier. Tracks 3 to 5 is the complete group.

Recorded October 30, 1967 at radio Bremen.


correct silence said...


dahomey said...

Jazz meets India. A very good album.

correct silence said...

Yes but this is not the album on Saba, it is a live version of this band. I have put a picture of the album because there is no art work for this bootleg.

Nick said...

This is better for most purposes - thanks

James Manion said...

What a treat to get this much more music from this project, thank you correct silence!

dahomey said...

Yes, I know. This band is always welcomed.

Garu said...

Thank you for this post, correct silence. cheers