16 March 2018

Anatoly Vapirov - Invocation

The second step of our journey to the east will allow us to discover a record that should have been a classic, it's also the first time we talk about this musician here.
Anatoly Vapirov has an important discography that includes many excellent records, unfortunately they are almost all self-produced and practically not distributed. This is unfortunate because this musician is in my opinion one of the most interesting actual saxophonist.

A/ Invocation Of Spirit, B1/ Invocation Of Fire, B2/ Invocation Of Water.

-Ivars Galenieks: bass on side a
-Vladimir Volkov: bass on side b
-Valentina Ponomareva: vocal on side a
-Sergey Kuryokhin: piano & percussions on side a, piano prepared on side b
-Alexander Alexandrov: bassoon on side b
-Anatoly Vapirov: reeds 

Side A recorded October 1983 in Novosibirsk 
Side B recorded end of 1981 in Leningrad.

cd rip from cdr reissued by Anatoly Vapirov himself on his own label ava.
cdr ava 0017
Originally published by leo Records lr 121 in 1984


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marten 512 said...

I have been intending to digitise my own vinyl copy of this, one of my favourites of Mr Feigin's early releases, for a long, long time. Many thanks for saving me the hassle.

In the 80's, there appeared to be a number of musicians in the Soviet Union making music that seemed to run parallel to Western Jazz etc, but from an entirely Slavic(?) starting point. Would you have any more? And whatever happened to Homo Liber?

correct silence said...

Unfortunately I had the first lp of Homo Liber but it have been damaged by water and it sounds too bad to be digitalized, if someone have it and can provide their two albums it would be great. Regarding the future of this series that I have started I have only thought about the next post that will probably be about Harry Tavitian

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ely said...

thanks for this share and yr great blog!
is anyone else having download issues w fichier? when I click download button I get "This site can’t provide a secure connection" error; I had the same issue w the wadada download (but not the roscoe-reed one).
any help would be appreciated, thanks 00 ely

Ian said...

Hearty thanks for the post.

I've not encountered the Fichier problem. However, I'm not able to convert the FLAC files to mp3 via the Kika tool I use. Perhaps an issue with the way they were packed; FLACS from other sources convert just fine.

correct silence said...

You can use audacity to convert in mp3, it will work.

Ian said...

@correct silence:
Thanks for the tip. It was the slashes in the file naming that confused my converter. I removed them and it worked. I misspoke about the converter I use, it's called All2MP3.

Mark said...

Ah, the sometimes miraculous Sergey Kuryokhin... How wonderful to see his name again. Thanks for this.

Prohibition69 said...

'The requested file has been deleted for inactivity' But 1fichier have provided handy links such as tips on Food To Eat Before Bed. So..silver linings eh? ;)