11 March 2018


We got this vinyl-rip several month ago in the contributions section.
I do not find the comment with the link anymore. So my apologies to the generous contributor.
But thanks to corvimax I know now: it is Sven. Thank you Sven for this really special music!!

The LP wasn't in a NM condition - so I've removed many louder clicks 'n' pops during the last three month.

The music has a decidedly 1970s feel. But IMO it's really an independent statement. Not Rock, not Jazz and not Contemporary Classic either.  Somehow I remembered a famous advertisement from  ~1968 (here)  after listening again to the 'Circle of dreams'.

Klaus Cornell, composer, conductor

Volker Kriegel, guitar
Eberhard Weber, bass
Peter Giger, drums

Open Music Group:
Anna-Marie Sommer, flute
Hanspeter Zehnder, trombone
Urs Frauchiger, cello
Willy Bischof, keyboards
Urs Herdi, percussion
Hanspeter Völkle, percussion

Choir Of The Municipal Literargymnasium Bern-Neufeld
Adolf Burkhardt, choir conductor
Featuring a choir of 100 singers

A1. Circle I     7:50
A2. Circle II   12:29
B1. Circle III   7:33
B2. Circle IV   12:47

Recorded 1974, Phonag Tonstudio, Lindau, Germany.

Hallelujah X 636  (vinyl rip)


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


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correct silence said...

The original contributor was Sven. Thank you for your work on cleaning the files Ernst.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, Corvimax for Sven's name. Don't expect too much from my cleaning-attempts...
The LP has a continous crackle - but I tried to "enhance" the overall acoustic feeling.
And thanks you Sven for this treasure.

corvimax said...

wonderful, from long time is on my list, thank you
correct silence named Sven

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Sorry correct silence - I wanted to say: thank you correct silence for the contributor's name!!!!

BT said...

Thank-you very much

correct silence said...

No problem Ernst, as you can imagine, I take it very badly!

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Many thanks for this phenomenal upload.

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Thanks a lot !

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Thank you