21 March 2018

Ganelin, Čekasin, Tarasov - Poi Segue 1981

It’s impossible to talk about Russian jazz without talking about those three guys… Even if none of them were Russians, they were from Lithuania.
Most of their recordings have been published by « Leo  records » but few of them appeared on the government label « Melodia ».

-Vladimir Tarasov: percussions, drums, flute
-Vyacheslav Ganelin: piano, keyboards, bugle, flute
-Vladimir Čekasin: saxophone, trombone, flute, percussions, violin

1/ Poi Segue part one, 2/ Poi Segue part two

Recorded in 1981 in Vilnius

Several lp editions have been published by Melodia in the U.S.S.R and also one American edition on the independent label « East Wind ». The Lithuanian label « Sonore Records » have reissued it on cd in 1995 
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correct silence said...


BT said...

Thank-you very much

rev.b said...

I still feel lucky to have seen them in back in the 80s, in Washington DC of all places. They were a lot of fun, very creative. I enjoyed every moment. Thanks for the opportunity to revisit their work.

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correct silence said...

when listening to some of their live recordings published by Leo, I can imagine what you describe. I think this band was totally interesting on stage, they were as creative as the early years of the Art Ensemble Of Chicago. There is another band who worked in the same spirit coming from the Soviet Union: The Jazz Group Arkhangelsk. I wanted to post one recording in the future because it is out of print on cd but I discovered that it is available on iTunes.

Luc Mosley said...

Thank you!