7 November 2013


In autumn 1966 Gunther Schuller's opera "The Visitation" was premiered at the state opera of Hamburg.
The line-up included several Jazz musicians which were later invited for a concert.
It was recorded and released as "Jazz At The Opera".

Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Dusko Goykovich, trumpet
Rolf Kühn, clarinet, bass clarinet
Bent Jaedig, tenor saxophone, flute
John Eaton, piano
Peter Trunk, bass
Ralph Hübner, drums
Gunther Schuller, conductor (tr.B4)

A1. Blues At The Opera (Dusko Goykovich) 11:27
A2. Nights Of Skopje (Dusko Goykovich)   05:27
A3. Rolf's Groove (Rolf Liebermann)      06:48
B1. Waltz For Salome (Rolf Kühn)         03:37
B2. I Remember O.P. (Dusko Goykovich)    06:31
B3. Just A Stressless Intro (Rolf Kühn)  08:13
B4. Night Music (Gunther Schuller)       04:26

TT 46:31

Recorded April 30, 1967 at the Hamburgische Staatsoper, Hamburg, Germany.



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BTW, the Liebermann who is mentioned prominently in the liner notes is the same person the former Sendesaal 10 des Funkhauses Hamburg is now named after. Rolf Liebermann was the longest serving (twice) and most respected Intendant der Staatsoper Hamburg. And he once had a close relationship with Lale Andersen too; you know the chanteuse who sang the "original" Lili Marleen.

As wikipedia noted, "Liebermann war Vorbild für die Figur Robert Mendelssohn im Film „Lili Marleen“ von Rainer Werner Fassbinder."

onxidlib said...

Hi Otto,
I hope you don't mind me translating the quote from Wikipedia.

"Liebermann was the model after which the character Robert Mendelsohn was created in the movie "Lili Marleen" from Rainer Werner Fassbinder."

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