6 September 2013


Manfred Schoof, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Ed Kröger, trombone
Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Jasper Van´t Hof, keyboards
Dieter Petereit, bass
Ralf Hübner, drums

01.   Intro Joachim Ernst Behrendt          02:54
02.   Jazz Meets The World Suite:           23:18
a.     Song Of Peace (Korea)
b.     Sing Along (Thailand)
c.     Raga Bhairava (early morning raga)
03.   Announcement JEB                      00:33
04.   Natsu Nahana (jap.Haiku)              05:40
05.   Ludus Totalis (Schoof)                04:57

06.   Studio Announcement (Achim Hebgen)    00:26
07.   Six Of A Kind (Schoof)                12:57
08.   Unanswered Questions (Hübner)         07:45
09.   STT (Some Time Trouble) (Van´t Hof)   10:53
10.   Studio Extro (AH)                     00:09

Recorded live in Konstanz, Germany on 21.June, 1975.

Two SWF - (Suedwestfunk, Germany) radio broadcasts in 1975:
(1-5) live from the event
(6-10) studio, later same year



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