6 September 2013

Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting 1977

The picture above depicts a part of the interior of the Kurfürstliches Schloss in Mainz, Germany. Some may wonder what the Schloss had to do with the annual Treffen in Baden-Baden, but as it happened, the 1977 Treffen culminated in a concert in front of an audience at the Schloss. The concert took place after rehearsals at the SWR studios in Baden-Baden, the usual locality of the Treffens over the years.

In contrast to the 1970 Treffen which we posted a little while ago, the 1977 one was a more consolidated affair with a smaller cast of characters. The core appears to be Mumps, a slightly extended version of the John Surman - Barre Phillips - Stu Martin trio with Albert Mangelsdorff making it a quartet. To this core is added vocalist Karin Krog (whose collaborations with Surman have continued apace ever since), guitarist Attila Zoller, trumpetist Tomasz Stanko, pianist Stan Tracey, tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin and bassist Motoharu Yoshizawa. The brunt of the cast was also on the 1970 sessions, leaving Griffin, Tracey and Yoshizawa as the new ingredients to the mix.

As usual there are full group performances as well as several splits into duos and trios, though no pure solo performances on this set of tunes. Less rowdy and rambunctious than some of the predecessors, the accent is here on solidly grounded modern jazz, some anchored in reworkings of Monk standards, others venturing into ambient landscapes - with synths and abstract vocalese. Some of the rehearsal pieces reappear in the concert, also a regular feature of the Treffens.

I can't dish up seven hours this time, but there should be enough here to sink one's tastebuds into. I find myself liking this set better than some of the earlier ones, possibly because it sounds more coherent and consoliated. In any case, enjoy!

Cast of characters:

Tomasz Stanko, trumpet; 
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone; 
Johnny Griffin, tenor saxophone; 
John Surman, soprano and baritone saxophone, synthesiser; 
Stan Tracey, piano; 
Attila Zoller, guitar; 
Barre Phillips, bass; 
Motoharu Yoshizawa, bass; 
Stu Martin, drums; 
Karin Krog, vocal

Baden-Baden Free Jazz Meeting – radio broadcast

Recorded 27-30 November 1977, Baden-Baden, Germany unissued (see folders BB77 1-3)
Recorded 1 December 1977, Kurfürstliches Schloss, Mainz, Germany unissued (see folders BB77 4-5)

Full track listings in the comments and inside the zipped folders


kinabalu said...

BB 77-1:


BB 77-2:


BB 77-3:


BB 77-4:


BB 77-5:


and in one Mega-package:


kinabalu said...

BB 77-1

1 announcer
2 A Monk’s Dream 11:27
Stanko, Mangelsdorff, Griffin, Surman, Tracey, Zoller, Phillips, Martin
3 announcer
4 Riley’s Mood (Yoshizawa) 14.58
Stanko, Mangelsdorff, Surman, Tracey, Zoller, Phillips, Yoshizawa, Martin
5 announcer
6 What’s New? 5.03
Krog, Zoller
7 announcer
8 Number Three (Hancock) 7:54
Stanko, Mangelsdorff, Surman, Tracey, Zoller, Phillips, Yoshizawa, Martin, Krog
9 announcer
10 Instanteous (Mangelsdorff/Surman) 3.52
Surman, Mangelsdorff
11 announcer
12 AER (Phillips) 6:45
Stanko, Mangelsdorff, Griffin, Surman, Tracey, Zoller, Phillips, Yoshizawa, Martin
13 announcer
14 Memories Of Before (Surman) 9.28
Stanko, Mangelsdorff, Griffin, Surman, Tracey, Zoller, Phillips, Yoshizawa, Martin, Krog
15 announcer
16 Beans Dance (Yoshizawa) 4.46
Stanko, Griffin, Surman, Tracey, Zoller, Phillips, Yoshizawa
17 announcer
18Moto Barre I (Phillips/Yoshizawa) 5.06
Phillips, Yoshizawa

kinabalu said...

BB 77-2

1 announcer
2 Moto Bert (Mangelsdorff/Yoshizawa) 4.02
Mangelsdorff, Yoshizawa
3 announcer
4/5Bass Freak 8.52
Surman, Zoller, Phillips, Yoshizawa, Krog
6 announcer
7When We Were One 5.22
Griffin, Tracey, Phillips, Martin, Krog
8 announcer
9New Fine Valley (Zoller) 10.40
Surman, Zoller, Phillips, Krog
10 announcer
11Baden Meeting 4.44
Zoller, Phillips, Martin
12 announcer
13The Opener 11:10
Stanko, Mangelsdorff, Surman, Tracey, Phillips, Martin
14 announcer
15Doin’ It For Art 5:17
Griffin, Tracey, Phillips, Martin
16 announcer
17 For Export Only 6.35
Surman, Tracey
18 announcer
19 Number One 6:19
Stanko, Mangelsdorff, Griffin, Surman, Tracey, Zoller, Phillips, Yoshizawa, Martin

kinabalu said...

BB 77-3

1 announcer
2 Number Two 6:47
Stanko, Mangelsdorff, Griffin, Surman, Tracey, Zoller, Phillips, Yoshizawa, Martin
3 announcer
4 Moto Barre II 4.33
Phillips, Yoshizawa
5 announcer
6 A Monk’s Dream II 11:16
Stanko, Mangelsdorff, Griffin, Surman, Tracey, Phillips, Martin

kinabalu said...

BB 77-4:

1. announcer
2. Beans Dance (Yoshizawa) 4.01
Surman, Phillips, Stanko, Griffin, Zoller, Tracey, Yoshizawa
3. announcer
4. Number Three (Hancock) 13.03
Krog, Surman, Mangelsdorff, Tracey, Yoshizawa, Martin
5. announcer
6. Double A (Mangelsdorff/Zoller) 9.59
Zoller, Mangelsdorff
7. announcer
8. Things Are Getting’ Better 4.25
Krog, Griffin, Tracey, Phillips, Martin
9. When We Were One 6.39
Krog, Griffin, Tracey, Phillips, Martin, Surman
10. announcer
11. For Export Only 4:39
Surman, Tracey
12. announcer
13. AER (Phillips) 11.04
Zoller, Stanko, Griffin, Mangelsdorff, Surman, Phillips, Martin, Tracey, Krog, Yoshizawa

kinabalu said...

BB 77-5:

1. Sparrow Knows (Martin/Mangelsdorff/Phillips/Surman) 6.01
Surman, Mangelsdorff, Phillips, Martin
2. announcer
3. The Opener 4:13
Tracey, Stanko, Surman, Martin, Phillips, Mangelsdorff
4. announcer
5. Newfane Valley 9.05
Zoller, Krog, Phillips, Surman
6. announcer
7. Moto Barre [inc.] (Phillips/Yoshizawa) 2.36
Yoshizawa, Phillips
8. announcer
9. Doin’ It For Art 6.15
Griffin, Tracey, Martin, Phillips
10. Number Two [inc.] 7.08
Mangelsdorff, Stanko, Martin, Griffin, Surman, Phillips, Tracey

‘Doin’ It For Art’ is incorrectly announced as ‘Love Now, Weep Later’

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