7 September 2013


A1. Meta
A2. Hen Tai 7
A3. There'll Be Comeback
B1. Wana Oki
B2. Miu
B3. Y's March

Yoriyuki Harada, piano, ocarina, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
Keiki Midorikawa, cello (A3)
Hideaki Mochizuki, double bass (A3, B2, B3)
Ryojiro Furusawa, drums (A1, B1)
Tony Koba, drums (A1, A2, B1)
Sabu Toyozumi, drums, percussion (A3, B2, B3)
Tetsu Yamauchi, electric bass (A1, A2, B1)
Hiroshi Hatsuyama, vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, xylophone, harmonica

Recorded and mixed at Nippon Columbia Studios 1, 3 and 4, Aug 20 - Oct 6, 1980.

Better Days ‎– YF-7040-N

Vinyl Rip


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Anonymous said...

fantastically! can't stop to thank you, Nick!))


Anonymous said...

superb! Thank you for these early ironies … msj

Anonymous said...

Nick, you truly are a master at (vinyl) digital transferring! This LP rip sounds *CD quality* to my ears!

Interesting music too: maybe some Japanese harmolodics happening here (at least on the tracks with the elec. bass). The (well-recorded) tuned percussion adds extra color too. --dandor

apf said...

Thank you!

corvimax said...

much enjoyed, thank you Nick
I can see there are some more Harada albums here at IS, and I had never considered to try one; I will try them all, links permitting, thank you again

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Thanks, Nick. Always interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick! any chance you can reupload it somewhere else? i cannot use neither of two links. thank you!

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one more time... please!