17 August 2012

United Front - Live in Moers '79

As promised, here is my recording of the United Front in Moers '79.
Note that in the Festival program, this group was listed as "Lewis Jordan Quartet".

Rec. live at the 8th Moers Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany, on Sunday,
June 3, 1979 (mics recording)

Lewis Jordan,alto sax
George Sams,trumpet & flugelhorn
Mark Izu,bass
Carl Hoffman,percussion

1. Intro by Burkhard Hennen (0:37)
2. Nothing Is More Precious Than Independence And Freedom (09:54)
3. Nomadic Winds (12:43)
4. Unknown (08:12)
5. Unknown (13:21)
6. Unknown (09:57)
7. Unknown (06:41)
8. Unknown [encore] (04:03)

Total Time 1:05:32

Nomadic Winds (excerpt)


riccardo said...

mp3 (150 MB):
rapidshare | crocko

flac (428 MB):
rapidshare part1 | rapidshare part2 | crocko part1 crocko part2

corvimax said...

I'm really enthusiast about this finding, it must be before they record any album as united front, many thanks riccardo

wightdj said...

Cool, thanks.

The Embryo said...

A group that is completely new to me, thanks a million.

ewan said...

I wonder if Live in Berlin (SAJ-45) might be forthcoming from Destination Out?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great to discover this band. I'm so grateful for your blog and all the wonderful music I've found.
I wish I could be an active contributor, but I'm lucky even to be able to access a machine at all.
Evermore indebted and thankful,
...Tom F.

Byablu said...

Great! Thanks so much Riccardo.

boldsouls said...

...oh yes Riccardo, I am grateful to you for reminding me to that great and hot days in Moers 1979.
You still remember how much fun we had after Sun Ra's 'No Rain!!!'-show, there in the park.
Unfortunately, I lost my recordings from the morning solo project with Bluiett, Carter and Jörgensmann.
Did you record them, too?
...it would be nice if we could meet us at the Braxton concerts in Italy next month!?

riccardo said...

@ boldsouls

1. About Sun Ra: you mean the Quartet or the Orchestra
concert? (i can post both).

2. "Theo Jorgesmann & John Carter" previously posted, H.Bluiett not listened.

3. Braxton will be in Italy in mid-October: happy to meet you then!

boldsouls said...

Hi Riccardo-

thanks for the quickly reply! Will you also be in Saalfelden? For me it's first time for years, I won't
be in Sant Anna Arresi.

Yes, Braxton is going to play in October. Up to now, I've booked the flight, the Hotel in Venice and the tickets in
Reggio Emilia. The days before I'm staying in Berlin for the Quintet and after Italy in Antwerp for his solo gig.

My e-mail is boldsouls@yahoo.de - I live between Wuppertal and Moers - it would be great if you could reply
by e-mail, because I'm not familiar with Blog rules.



riccardo said...

@ Juergen (boldsouls)

I will be in Saalfelden Saturday and Sunday: the "Muhal Richard Abrams’ Experimental Band" concert is a must!!
(see you soon by e-mail)

Arcturus said...

wow, riccardo - been having some computer problems so haven't visited for a while

I've appreciated so many of your posts, but this may top all for me - a very crucial piece of SF bay history in this short-lived band & an important part of my early listening experience

yet, again, thanks millions!

Arcturus said...

United Front @ Great American Music Hall, SF w/ India Cooke & Kash Killion (3 min tease):

George Sams' Middle Passage circa 1984, Part 1 of 3 starts here:

(quartet w/ Sams, Cooke, Killion & Anthony Brown)

George Sams'
NuArtMetroGallery's video channel (old & new material:


Arcturus said...

some recent India Cooke video:

India Cooke at an OPCM free jazz jam (unidentified, that's Bill Crossman on piano who I believe organized them & Lewis Jordan on alto):

http://vimeo.com/4156953 (w/ Eddie Gale & Lewis Jordan)
http://vimeo.com/5137102 (duet w/ Lewis Jordan)

Bill Crossman w/ Spirit on congas & a drummer I can't name:

riccardo said...

@ Arcturus

A warm thank you for the video suggestions!


Riccardo many thanks for the file recording artist

Anonymous said...

Thank you Riccardo, for this and so many other musical gifts you have shared in the past.
...Tom F.

francisco santos said...

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kinabalu said...

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jon gray said...

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