19 August 2012

Endangered Blood - Live in Venice '11

One of the most interesting band among those born in recent years.

Rec. live at "Teatro Fondamenta Nuove", Venice, Italy, on November
24, 2011 (radio broadcast)

Chris Speed,tenor sax & clarinet
Oscar Noriega,alto sax & bass clarinet
Trevor Dunn,bass
Jim Black,drums

1. Plunge (10:02)
2. Rare (09:37)
3. Uri Bird (07:30)
4. Valya/Tacos At Oscars (17:53)
5. Nice Stray Bash (06:57)
6. Elvin Lisbon (07:05)

Total Time 59:06

All compositions by Chris Speed except (5) by Oscar Noriega

Rare (excerpt)


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wightdj said...

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mike said...

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Arcturus said...

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Arcturus said...

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Peter said...

Don't know the band, but very much like Speed and Black, from Pachora and alasnoaxis (and Dunn I know from Zorn's projects - liek him too, though he is no Greg Cohen I think!), so this looks good - thx!

toci said...

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Giovanni Natoli said...

great!! The yamaha that Jim plays here was mine!

Alexander Mouton said...

So many brilliant posts --so unfortunate that rapidshare isn't able to perform as it used to.


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