21 August 2012

Tim Berne Quintet - Live in Genoa '88

After a post dedicated to followers of Tim Berne, here we go back to the eighties with one of the best groups put together by Tim in that period.

Rec. live at "Villa Imperiale", Genoa, Italy, on July 4, 1988 (mix recording)

Tim Berne,alto sax
Herb Robertson,trumpet,cornet,laryngeal crowbar
Hank Roberts,cello,electric cello,vocals
Mark Dresser,bass,giffus,bungy
Joey Baron,drums,CX-101,shacktronics

1. The Telex Blues (12:26)
2. Lightnin' Bug Boute (18:30)
3. Evolution Of A Pearl (19:24)
4. Hong Kong Sad Song/More Coffee (12:42)
5. SEP (12:58)

Total Time 1:16:01

All compositions by Tim Berne.

SEP (excerpt)


riccardo said...

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haifisch said...

Thank you very much....

Sardo said...

Thanks, every concert of TB is a pleasure.:)

wightdj said...

Good to hear, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Thanks so much!


sandro said...

this is just AWESOME, and a great recording.
"sanctified dreams" quintet playing "miniature" songbook...

i have no words to express my gratitude :)


marten512 said...

I'm not really a follower of Tim Berne and so was surprised how much I enjoyed this.
Really excellent. Big thanks.