17 August 2012

Trio Music - Live in Genoa '83

This is the whole concert from which it was taken the song of the
blindfold test.

Rec. live at "Villa Imperiale", Genoa, Italy, on July 25, 1983
(mix recording)

Armando "Chick" Corea,piano
Miroslav Vitous,bass
Roy Haynes,drums

01. Eiderdown (12:40)
02. Someday My Prince Will Come (07:58)
03. Chick talks #1 (0:47)
04. Mirovisions (16:36)
05. Autumn Leaves (09:05)
06. Chick talks #2/'Round Midnight (10:38)
07. Hackensack (05:50)
08. Prelude No.2 [A.Skrjabin] (06:15)
09. Duet Improvisation [C.Corea/M.Vitous] (03:40)
10. Solo [M.Vitous] (04:48)
11. Solo [R.Haynes] (07:28)
12. Slippery When Wet/Matrix (08:33)

Total Time 1:34:25


riccardo said...

mp3 (216 MB):
rapidshare | crocko

flac (519 MB):
rapidshare part1 | rapidshare part2 | crocko part1 crocko part2

JC said...

Thanks. Great players all of course. Perhaps this will give me a chance to reassess as I don't think this sort of thing is my favorite context for any of them. Maybe it will appeal to me more now.

Félix said...

Great! So few recordings of this great trio. Thank you very much!

One more bootleg from this period is on YouTube:

By the way, the first tune is spelled Eiderdown and is by Steve Swallow. Last tune is a medley between Slippery When Wet and Matrix, both Chick Corea's compositions.

And it appears the tape is running a semitone too low, because of the tonalities (Someday My Prince Will Come in A, 'Round Midnight in D, Matrix in E...).

Anyway, exceptional document, thank you again!

DW said...

riccardo, could this be reposted?