26 January 2012


One more gem from the rich japanese (Free) Jazz -Scene of the seventies - solo/duo/trio and quartet >

Nick is back with an excellent rip from:


Keiki Midorikawa, bass(A2, B1, B2), cello(A1, A2, B3)
Yoshiaki Fujikawa, alto saxophone(A2, B1), flute(A2, B3)
Hiroaki Katayama, tenor saxophone(A2)
Tadashi Yoshida, trumpet & marimba(A2)
Shoji Nakayama, drums(B1, B2)

A1. Soi-Di'Sant 11:51
A2. Harmonious-Outcast 10:48
B1. Involved Elevation 07:46
B2. Transit 04:44
B3. Message 08:14

Composed by Keiki Midorikawa.

Recorded: April 19/20, 1975 at the New Meguro Studio, Tokyo, Japan.


(lp rip)



onxidlib said...
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onxidlib said...
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Bozo the Clown said...

Bozo the Clown wants to thank y'all for perservering asd still posting "IMPOSSIBLE-TO-FIND" rarities such as this. Until the last few months, the Clown fancied himself as a bit of a Japanese free expert-HAH! You cats keep astounding me!For the record, BOZO also spent mega-$ lately buying new reissues from Japan, and if this shows up for real, will be the first in line to BUY it.
What would be great is if live tapes, gig-tapes, and radio shows could emerge from the Japanese scene! KEEP UP THE HOLY WORK, with COMMON SENSE and LOVE!
PS, BOZO is still in a state of shock over how much normal, regular, in-print stiff is clogging the internet, that is the true problem, not this crap hardly anyone listens to anyway.[insert winking smiley face here]

wightdj said...

Good one, thanks.

Mosa said...


Underground-unedited tapes from japanese scene would be very apreciated.
Thank you for Midorikawa's record.

Best wishes Riccardo

Anonymous said...

Thank you!


DW said...

Could these links be re-upped?

onxidlib said...


onxidlib said...


DW said...

You can't be thanked enough, so, thank you!!

DW said...

When I acknowledged your reposting of this insanely good music piece, I had not listened to it. I have played it over and over for hours this day. In comments I have quipped that this site is responsible for my reeducation in jazz. My first record, which my father brought and played for me, was "Birth Of The Cool". I was two. So, yes, my initial journey into jazz was Parker, Coltane and Miles. I grew up in a housing project. I still remember the day I took the local gang kids to the library to hear Charlie Parker. One, whose name was Cokie, you can guess his mother's tastes, started crying. Music matters. Your site matters. I thank you for being and I hope you continue.

Solomon said...

Thank you.