26 January 2012

Jack DeJohnette's New Directions - Live in Lovere '79

Certainly not at the level of "Special Edition" but, in any case, a very
enjoyable group.

Rec. live in Lovere, Italy, on June 15, 1979 (mics recording)

Jack DeJohnette,drums,piano
Lester Bowie,trumpet (-3)
John Abercrombie,guitar (-3)
Eddie Gomez,bass (-3)

1. Unknown (17:10)
2. Unknown (13:30)
3. Silver Hollow (07:17)
4. Salsa For Eddie G. (14:37)
5. Unknown (13:14)
6. Encore (11:15)

Total Time 1:17:06

Encore (excerpt)


riccardo said...

mp3 (176 MB)

flac (450 MB)

Gerald said...

Wow! Thanks!

JC said...


maghetto said...

thank you again.
Lester can not losing

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. Noisy room, but great music. Much appreciated.
...Tom F.

kinabalu said...

I would say this is at least at the level of the Special Edition. You can't fail with Lester Bowie.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this great blog!!!!

I´m looking for another rendition of "Silver Hollow" by this group, other than the studio album, since longtime...

The "golden age" of DeJohnette (76/83)!!!!!

Greetings from Brazil!

wightdj said...

Saw this band live in a small college venue. They were on fire. Good to have this session, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Probably the unknow #1 is a different version of the beautiful "bayou Fever", without that haunting theme line with drums then trumpet, but with a lot of the musical phrases we can hear on the "Live in Europe" version...and the unknow #3 (track 5)is a rushed rendition of the Art Ensemble of Chicago´s great "Charlie M", from the album "Full Force"...


Anonymous said...

Lovely set from an unforgettable band. I'm wondering, who's that playing piccolo or whistle? Anyone have a clue? Perhaps a local guest?

Love the blog . . .

-- NYC

kinabalu said...

New links:



Anonymous said...

Thanks for some GREAT music, the Jack DeJohnette concerts are a special treat! Merci!