19 January 2012


This Double-LP was never approved by the musicians - it is in fact a bootleg.
The sound quality is appropriate - there's a mighty performance by the Brötzmann Octet, modern Jazz by Joki Freund, a short solo by Marion Brown, Rolf Kühn playing an electric clarinet and some more rare recordings from the end 60's...

The lady below was not on the schedule for the festival - but it was held nevertheless at this open-air theatre...


A1. Pierre Favre Trio: "Let's Talk About The Weather" (09:19)

Irene Schweizer,piano
Peter Kowald, bass
Pierre Favre, drums

A2. Rolf Kühn Quartett: "Circus Live" (10:31)

Rolf Kühn, electric clarinet
Joachim Kühn, piano
Buschi Niebergall, bass
Stu Martin, drums, percussion, flute

B1. Peter Brötzmann Oktett: "Finally" (19:39)

Paul Rutherford, trombone
Peter Brötzmann, tenor saxophone
Evan Parker, tenor & soprano saxophone
Fred Van Hove, piano
Buschi Niebergall, bass, bass trombone
Peter Kowald, bass
Arjen Gorter, bass
Pierre Favre, drums

C1. Joe Viera - Ed Kroeger Quartett: "Fifteen And More" (10:32)

Ed Kröger, trombone
Joe Viera, alto & soprano saxophone
Sigi Busch, bass
Heinrich Hock, drums

C2. Joki Freund Quintett: "Five To Five" (09:50)

Toni Rabold, trumpet
Joki Freund, tenor & soprano saxophone
Helmut Kirchgässner, piano
Peter Witte, bass
Jörg Gebhard, drums

D1. Marion Brown: "In Memory Of John Coltrane" (03:24)

Marion Brown, alto saxophone

D2. Joki Freund Quintett: "Gluga Gluga Blues" (14:42)

same personal as on track 5

Recorded live at the Heidelberg Thingstätte, Heilingenberg, Germany on 6th July, 1969.


(Note: The title "Vibration" for C1 which is given on the cover is wrong!)




onxidlib said...

LP 1 + info


LP 2 + pictures


ripped as always with 24bit - no filtering etc. only carefully removed clicks 'n pops (the heavy ones...).


glmlr said...

Very interesting! Thank you Onx.

IB said...

Post of the year, Onx. Of the decade, maybe.

serviceton said...

Exceptional find! Many appreciative thanks. It's called "Holy Hill" because done at Heiligenberg ?
Any other festivals/performances there - or just a one-off?

onxidlib said...

I assume the title "Holy Hill Jazz Festival" was used 'cause it's located at the "Heiligenberg".

Before the hill became the "Heiligenberg" it was named "Aberinsberg" (about 900 A.C.).

1265 A.C. two monasteries were founded there - 'heilig' is german for holy.

Much later is was misused by the Nazis for their "Blood and Soil" "Mythology" or maybe better "Mightology".

They build the "Thingstätte" for their propaganda schmock.

It was used by the Nazi party before WWII for rallies and solstice festivals.

A "thing" in antic times was the meeting place for the folks and a place were they decided local and juristic means.

The word originally meant "assembly", then came to mean a specific issue discussed at such an assembly, and ultimately came to mean most broadly "an object".

It's an historically ironic but ultimatly fitting issue that the likes as Brötzmann or Marion Brown did play their free music especially at this place!

Yet as far as I know it was the only time such a festival was held at this location.
Other concerts happened in the forthcoming years...
Today people are gathering there for Walpurgis Night to make some big fires and simply have a good time.

Nick said...

Fantastic - the designer thought the cover was for Nipples?

serviceton said...

Many thanks onx for your background info. I really enjoy some historical/cultural context. Some great music here too. Joki Freund sounds like a crowd favourite here - leaves me rather unexcited though
Notwithstanding - many thanks for a largely absorbing rarity!

jazztrane said...

please new link.

Bhowani said...

links are dead ?

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onxidlib said...
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jazztrane said...

Thank you for .wav

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onxidlib said...

No more links for the time being - there will be a reissue in October with improved sound.
See also > http://besharpblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/jazz-on-holy-hill/