23 October 2011



Maarten Altena, double bass
Maud Sauer, oboe & alto oboe
Paul Termos, alto saxophone
Maurice Horsthuis, viola

Side A:
1. Hendrik Jan 06:20
2. Morina Di Pisa 04:21
3. Beertjes 04:35
4. Duizendpoot 05:56

Side B:
5. Portret van Emo Verkerk (a), Gemacramatiseerd portret (b) 03:23
6. Traan 06:23
7. Prettig Weekend 01:48
8. Bleekgezicht 03:18
9. Bakkum 04:27

Recorded April 13, 1981 (live concert in Pisa, Italy).
The concert was part of the winter program organized by "Center for Research into Improvised Music" (CRIM).

CLAXON 82.11 (lp rip)

Note: Not my rip - the first piece(s) from Side B are missing (B1. Portret van Emo Verkerk, B2 Gemacramatiseerd portret (Termos).

!!!! I got the missing piece !!!! Thanks to N. for sending it! See comments for the link...



onxidlib said...
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wightdj said...

That's a rare one, thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot, onxidlib!!

nothing for completists, obviously, but for music lovers in general just the more. :)

Arcturus said...

right up my alley, thanks!

onxidlib said...
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James Manion said...

Thanks onxi,I very much appreciate your labour in bringing this music to my attention diggin' Altena!

onxidlib said...


Anonymous said...

many thanks for the Altena- & Cuypers- Reups, onxidlib!
it's time for me to go a step further from Breuker & ICP-Records


correct silence said...

Hi Ernst
There is a problem on the last track "bakkum" this track is ending suddenly, i think part of the track is missing.

correct silence said...

Hi ernst

Do you think that you can replace the last incomplete track by the complete one or is it like this in the original post?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Correct Silence,

I've checked all versions I have (on pc, cd-r 2 x) and all end somewhat abruptly.
According the LP cover the track has 4:20. Probably we miss a few seconds or it is really as we hear it on the cd-r....
I'll ask a friend of mine who has the LP - might be some weeks before I get confirmation or not, though.

correct silence said...

thanks Ernst for your help.

francisco santos said...