23 October 2011

Don Cherry -Organic Music Society, 1972 - double LP - Caprice CAP 2001 - RIKS DLP1, (Sweden)

A special gift , from our old Crony glmlr, Highly appreciated ....

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Don Cherry-Organic Music Society
1972 - double LP - Caprice CAP 2001 - RIKS DLP1, Sweden

Recorded on various dates in 1971 & 1972, in Stockholm and Copenhagen.
"Documentary" (i.e. probable amateur) recordings.

Main performers:
Cherry Don, trumpet, piano, voice, percussion, flute
Vasconcelos Nana, percussion, voice
Berger Bengt, percussion, tabla
Temiz Okay, drums, percussion.
plus "various visitors and friends"
Stereo, except as below.

Side A
1. North Brazilian Ceremonial Hymn (mono)
2. Elixir / Manusha Raga Kamboji

Side B
1. Relativity Suite: part one
2. Relativity Suite: part two

Side C
1. Terry's Tune / Hope / The Creator Has a Master Plan / Sidhartha
(one continuous track).

Side D
1. Utopia & Visions
2. Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro (mono) / Terry's Tune (mono)
3. Resa (mono)

thanks Again glmlr!


SOTISE said...


Bozo the Clown said...

Two in a row tonight that the clown used to have, but disappeared over the years -who got 'em? Bozo remembers this as being one of the early classics of the world music sound.
BTW, If you haven't heard the 3 Blue Notes by Don, figure out a way to do so before going to sleep tonight.

Igor said...

Quite a surprise!
Thank you very much glmlr and sotise.

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you!

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So great. THANK YOU!!

Hookfinger said...

Thanks very much for this. I look forward to sitting down and giving it a good listen.

Stylophone 350s said...

Thanks for this

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a deep thank you.

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Anonymous said...

reup would be lovely please

Nick said...

It was re-released recently, so no re-ups