22 October 2011

Jack Wright-Large Ensemble,8x9-LimitedSedition-LS025, 2000

For Kevin , and anyone else who missed it , Jack Wright's, large ensemble-8x9, on the Too little known , but Qualitatively Major ,CDR ,Artist operated Label LimitedSedition... check the links , and if possible we Urge you to support a very worthwhile ,rare  fixture on the American scene ,an Artist run independent label Specialising in Free improvised music....

As for this particular release , i consider myself fortunate to have chanced a purchase, Its superb highly imaginative , free music at its contemporary best, as fascinating as anything in the genre i have ever heard , truly stunning!!
Jack Wright deserves to be better known , as do many of the others performing here... i cant recommend this enough, its a disc i listen too frequently , which grows in stature with every listen..
A Knotty Listen ,Beautifully spontaneously orchestrated ...
I cant think of Anything on Erstwhile, Durian, Grob and a whole raft of other Labels , that i have enjoyed ,or revisited as frequently as this ,but you'll be hard pressed , to find an online review of any LimitedSedition product.
Criminally undeserved ,ignominious obscurity.


Jack Wright- saxes
, Matt Ingalls- clarinet, Bhob Rhainey-soprano sax,
 Mathew Sperry- contrabass, Morgan Guberman- contrabass,
 Tom Djill- tpt, Ron Heglin- tuba ,voice , John Shiurba- guitar, Karen Stackpole- percussion
recorded by shiurba on the 3rd of the 7th 2000
ONLY 109 Copies made


Jack Wright's blog



SOTISE said...

Flac and Pics

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I have many of the LS releases, but missed this one. This Bay Area scene is one that is too often overlooked for NYC, Chicago, Europe...but there are some great players there (and on this disc) who deserve more recognition.

wightdj said...

Very nice, thanks.

SOTISE said...

@ Waggadventure,thanks good to see some traffic fr Orstralia, right on about the contemporary bay area scene ...

Hey I dont S'ppose you have
Wright/Stackpole /Shiurba /Smith
thats one that i missed ,although i do have a badly ripped lossy version ... ANYONE?

Anonymous said...

@sotise: Yes I have Mutable Witness but movers packed all my cds randomly, then unpacked and reshelved randomly. And they are in plastic sleeves instead of jewel cases, so listening in is a 'needle in a haystack' thing because there are 4000+ cds and no spines... When I find it, I'll do a good rip (what program do you rip to flac with - never done it!... for mac...)

SOTISE said...

@Waggadventure, i'm on a different platform ... but the source forge site has a lot of info on extractors converters ect
should you need more info/help click on my profile and Email me