20 October 2011


Here's a Re-up load of something , posted here some years ago by Boromir, its been requested a few times.

Roughly contemporaneous, with the magnificent Dreams, on Savarah of the same year, yet sharing almost exactly the same line up as Scraps from 1974, an important slice of unofficial Lacyanna.

Fourth (or so) re-up (May 2015) - first ny Boromit than from Kinabalu. Or was is it Sotise before him - and now....enjoy...

Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Derek Bailey, guitar
Irene Aebi, cello, violin, vocals
Kent Carter, bass, cello, harp
Noel McGhie, drums

1. The Crust (Lacy)
2. Micro Worlds (Lacy)
3. The Throes (Lacy)
4. Flakes (Lacy)

Studio 104,Maison De Radio France,Paris, France
October 17, 1976

Info from Jazz-Realities magazine No.3 November 1983

this originates from Dime-A-Dozen
thanks to whomever preserved it for posterity!



SOTISE said...
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marten512 said...

Wonderful! Thank you for making me really listen to this. This is the best recording (in terms of sound balance) I have heard of Derek Bailey's electric-guitar-with-two-speakers thingy and I love the combination of Aebie's cello and Carter's bass.

Re the missing 5th track. These flacs are dated 10 Dec '07, I have MP3s (not from Inc Sol) dated 11 Dec '07 that also lack 'Existence'. Is it possible that it was never actually uploaded to 'Dime-a-Dozen'?

Brakhage said...

This is a really interesting one, I'm totally digging this

onxidlib said...

Thank you for this special Lacy recording - with Bailey!!

Hat off...

kinabalu said...

I reposted Boromir's original posting a little while back and it only had four tracks. Not aware of any fifth.

jackalope said...

Fascinating. The umble opinion of someone who only likes some of Steve's work. This one stands out. Every minute worthwhile and unique. Thank you ever so much for posting it.

wightdj said...

Thanks for the chance to hear this special session.

MF9988 said...

please re-up!

Anonymous said...

I'll second the plea for a re-up, and third it too! This looks amazing. msj

onxidlib said...


Anonymous said...

wonderful, thank you, much appreciated. Look forward to listening. msj

Scraps said...

Of course, I love Scraps and anything about it.

( :-) )

Javier Roz said...

Thanks for re-up this onxidlib!