7 October 2011

Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet + RAI B.B. - Live in Rome '80

Sixth event/concert for the series "I Concerti di Un Certo Discorso".

here the complete list of all concerts.

Rec. live at "Teatro dell'Opera", Rome, Italy, on April 21, 1980
(radio broadcast)

Albert Mangelsdorff
Manfred Schoof,trumpet & soprano flugelhorn
Giancarlo Schiaffini,trombone
Paolo Damiani,bass
Billy Higgins,drums
RAI Big Band :
Nino Culasso/Doriano Beltrame/Cicci Santucci/Michele
Lacerenza,tps - Giancarlo Beccattini/Ernesto Pumpo/
Marco Pellacani/Gennaro Baldino,tbs - Gianni Oddi/Baldo
Maestri/Sal Genovese/Beppe Carrieri/Carlo Metallo,reeds
- Sergio Coppetelli/Pino Rucher,gt - Maurizio Majorana,b -
Carlo Zoffoli,vib

1. Supraconductivity [A.M.] (10:16)
2. Introduction And March Of The Jazz Aspects [A.M.] (14:19)
3. Unknown (15:30)
4. Mood Indigo [D.E.] (06:41)
5. Unknown (10:04)
6. Oh Horn! [A.M.] (08:59)
7. Mood Azur [A.M.] (04:29)
8. Open Mind [A.M.] (09:28)
9. Unknown [inc.] (13:40)

Total Time 1:33:30

Mood Indigo


riccardo said...
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onxidlib said...

Mille grazie, Riccardo.

Looks like a great feast!!

I will listen to it right after the download has finished...

jazz-bone said...

gran trombonista

something rare about Rosolino or Fontana or another trombone player??
thank you

Anonymous said...

Track 3: maybe "Reflections" by Manfred Schoof?

onxidlib said...

Does anyone have the same problem > throughout the music one can hear a annoying digital "chirping" - the music itself is marvelous!

Any clues?

onxidlib said...

@ Anonymous - yes I agree track 3 is "Reflections" by Manfred Schoof.

Jazz from Italy said...

Thanks a lot, Riccardo!

This list is really the escape of a piece of our memory...
you also publish the live by Westbrook / Vittorini?

A complete list of concerts for Radio Tre Jazz, organized by Pasquale Santoli of the season 1979/1984, is available also here:

jackalope said...

Thank You Riccardo! A thoroughly enjoyable set. Albert in peak form both for the hot jams with the BB and for solo moments. Great support from the quartet - I especially appreciate Paolo Damiani's bass work. I can't say I know of many recordings with him on it (anyone want to point me to some?) I have him on one with Gianluigi Trovesi (Dances)and perhaps others.
@onxidlib: I'm wondering if the "chirp" you're hearing is just the radio interference on this recording. It gets a little pesky in the quieter moments, but once the band gets cooking I cease to be aware of it. And, a "feast" it is!

Jazz from Italy said...

Two more records of Damiani, always with the great Trovesi;

jeff said...

Thanks Ricardo. Amazing show. Really been enjoying this string of shows w/ RAI B.B..

Track 5 on this is St. James Infirmary.

Alex said...

Can you post a current link of "Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet + RAI B.B. - Live in Rome '80"?
Thank you very much.

kinabalu said...

New link:


kinabalu said...

Listening to this, it sounds definitely like another radio station cutting in on the frequency of the radio station broadcasting this concert

zoogle said...

Sono alla ricerca di altre registrazioni di quel meraviglioso esperimento che è stato "I Concerti di un Certo Discorso" al Teatro dell'Opera di Roma nel 1980.
Con grande gioia ho riascoltato Mood Indigo dalla serata, intitolata Ellingtoniana, del sestetto di Albert Mangelsdorff.
L'idea del concerto grosso jazz è stata di una tale folgorante visionarietà da non essere più ripetuta.
grazie ancora!

David said...

is it possible to repost please? Thanks!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


francisco santos said...


David said...

Many thanks Ernst!