8 October 2011



Don Cherry, pocket trumpet, piano, vocal
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Dave Holland, bass
Masahiko Togashi, drums, percussion

CD 1

1. The Crust (Lacy) 11:07
2. Contrast (Togashi) 11:35
3. I Speak To The Star Last Night (Togashi) 11:44
4. Flakes (Lacy) 12:40
5. Luna Turk (Gianpiero Pramagione) 05:06

CD 2

1. Bura-Bura (Togashi) 12:16
2. Wickets (Lacy) 12:16
3. Mopti (Cherry) 05:32
4. Quakes (Lacy) 11:15
5. Spiritual Nature (Togashi) 17:57

Recorded live at Yubin Chokin Kaikan Hal, Tokyo on May 14, 1986.

PAN MUSIC/ALFA 50XB-107/8 (2 x CD)

Other Issues :
BURA - BURA. PAN ALZ-28006 (2, 4, 6-7 only) (LP)
BURA - BURA. PAN PMC-1103 (EUR) (6-10 only) (CD)

Notes :
Recorded from "Masahiko TOGASHI 30th Anniversary Concert - Now and Future" .
Album produced by TOGASHI Masahiko, et al.
Cover painting by TOGASHI Masahiko.



onxidlib said...
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Bozo the Clown said...

This is very gentle and beautiful stuff, should appeal to a wide range of tastes. All-star line-up, and the Irene-haters don't have to work themselves into a lather!

trane said...

Terrific!, thanks a lot

john said...

I've been enjoying 'Voices', posted earlier, and look forward to this one. Thanks especially for this full double-cd version.

SlimStew said...

Thanks-I've been looking for this for awhile. What a team on paper-can't wait to hear it.

glmlr said...

Thank you very much Onx. I had only the single CD version of this.

roberto t. said...

too good to be true, many thanks!

kinabalu said...

I keep wondering about why Lacy tunes have very short titles, usually just one word. Any ideas?

glmlr said...

K: Because he was a man who didn't screw around with words. He knew exactly which ones he wanted to use. I met him once, and I was struck by just how coolly articulate he was. And always with a cunning touch of humour. And a twinkle in the eye! He was the last man who would use those ugly, brain-dead, noise-makers & space-fillers " … you know…" … I mean …".

marten512 said...

glmlr. I also met him once. My friend asked him for his autograph. He started writing 'From Steve Lacy to . . .' and asked her for her name. She replied with a big grin, 'Venus'. Without pausing, he finished 'From Steve Lacy to Venus De Smilo'.

Sharp or what!

Also, thank you Onxidib, this is lovely stuff.

kinabalu said...

I have a DVD about Lacy which I believe was taken from an earlier video tape. Apart from music clips, it also has interviews. I'm definitely going to watch it again to see if I get the same impression.

Andrew said...

Another thanks here, this is superb music.

teddywilson said...

Great record ! Thanks a lot.

onxidlib said...
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Hookfinger said...

An exceptional release. Many thanks!

cartographe said...

many thanks for all Masahiko Togashi albums!

Newmill Mark said...

What a beauty, thanks so much

lee said...

Having gotten a hold of this only recently, I'm absolutely loving it. Lacy, Cherry, Holland are each one-in-a-million, to be sure, but Togashi's subtle, emotive playing is really something rare and special.

onxidlib said...
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bernizz said...

Thanks a lot! Great stuff! Most appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Dear onxidlib - Thank you very much for your first post of this wonderful album. Thanks doubly for reposting it again all this time later. We salute you!

Javier Roz said...

Thanks onxidlib!
Excellent music from a great line-up.

Unknown said...

Hi! Can this be reuploaded. Thanks much!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


indigonoir said...

Thanks for reposting this Ernst.