21 May 2011

Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra - Live in Milan '78 [New links]

One of the latest concert of this wonderful Orchestra : indeed,
later that month, Jones surprised Lewis by suddenly leaving the
band and moving to Denmark, an action he never explained.

Rec. live at "Capolinea", Milan, Italy, on November 7, 1978
(mics recording)

Thad Jones,conductor
Larry Moss/Simo Salminen/Ron Tooley/Irving Stokes,trumpets,flugelhorns
John Mosca/Lollie Bienenfeld/Lu Robertson/Douglas Purviance,trombones
Dick Oatts/Steve Coleman,alto saxes
Richard “Rich” Perry/Bob Rockwell,tenor saxes
Charles Davis,baritone sax
Jim McNeely,piano
Jesper Lundgaard,bass
Mel Lewis,drums

1st set :
01. Love Walk Dance [T.Jones] (11:32)
02. Tiptoe [T.Jones] (10:49)
03. All My Yesterdays [T.Jones] (05:06)
04. Big Dipper [T.Jones] (10:37)
05. The Little Pixie [T.Jones] (12:04)
06. Ambiance [M.McPartland] (10:58)
07. The Second Race [T.Jones] (10:15)
08. Sixty First And Richard [T.Jones] (12:00)

2nd set :
09. Willow Weep For Me [A.Ronell] (09:55)
10. The Groove Merchant [J.Richardson] (09:40)
11. Thank You [J.Dodgion] (07:21)
12. Don't Get Sassy [T.Jones] (11:18)
13. Yours And Mine [T.Jones] (04:31)
14. Fingers [T.Jones] (15:09)

Total Time 2:21:22

Yours And Mine


Wallofsound said...

Great, thanks.

agmosk said...

This is wonderful stuff! Thank you.

trane said...

Another surprise Riccardo, thanks a lot

joesh said...

Big thanks for the mp3 player. I've often wondered why it wasn't possible to listen to a little of the music before downloading. This way you get a chance to discover first and if interested carry on with the download.

thanks - Joe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this first rate music by the Thad Jones + Mel Lewis Orch.

JC said...


Anonymous said...

Links all dead, could you please repost? I'd really love to get this.

riccardo said...

@ anon
Megaupload and Depositfiles are OK!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Riccardo, you' re right.
I must have been relly sleepy, and
didn't check the lower part of the page... Sorry. Thanks a million for
this wonderful tape. I recorded myself a few concerts down at the
Capolinea back in the '80s, so this one feels a bit like home.
Thans again.

Virginian said...

Is it still possible to download the Thad & Mel concert in Milano? I cannot find a link. Anyone's help appreciated!

riccardo said...

New links

mp3 1st set (182 MB):
rapidshare | oron

mp3 2nd set (126 MB):
rapidshare | oron

flac 1st set (448 MB):

flac 2nd set (325 MB):
rapidshare | oron

Virginian said...

Thank you, Riccardo. This is terrific music.


Josh Campbell said...

Is a re-up possible for this one?