21 May 2011


Riccardo - this is for you!

Hopefully it's new for you - Enjoy.



onxidlib said...
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riccardo said...

Not completely new but, a really
appreciated upgrade.
Many thanks onxi.

freebones said...

this is nice! many thanks.

Bhowani said...

I second riccardo, thanks for this higher bitrate (and mainly for the share)

Anonymous said...

Cecil McBee, Mutima (1974)

Cecil McBee, bass
Jimmy Hopps, drums
Onaje Allen Gumbs, acoustic and electric piano
Lawrence Killian, conga
Deedee Bridgewater, vocals
George Adams, tenor & soprano sax
Cecil McBee Jr., electric bass
Michael Carvin, gong & misc. percussion
Jaboli Billy Hart, cymbals & misc. percussion
Tex Allen, trumpet & flugelhorn
Allen Braufman, alto sax
Art Webb, flute
Allen Nelson, drums

Side One
1. From within (11:21)
2. Voice of the 7th angel (2:02)
3. Life waves (9:13)

Side Two
1. Mutina (13:41)
2. A feeling (2:38)
3. Tulsa black (6:10)

All compositions composed and arranged by Cecil McBee/LeMac Music/Ascap
Recorded 5/8/74 at Minot Studios, White Plains, N.Y.

Andy said...

Much appreciated.

Andy said...

PS I haven't come across Tex Allen before. Very tasty trumpet.

bozo the clown said...

one of the few guys I ever asked for an autograph, when he performed in Baltimore, Md with the Chico Freeman Qt.

Anonymous said...

onxidlib pls reup if u can

sOme said...

reup pls!