24 May 2011


Spiritual Jazz which begins in a relaxed yet grooving mood. During the last piece it starts to burn...
Robert Ruff was unknown to me and I heard of only one other recording with him. It's a very rare and quite expensive LP - it went up to 2100 $ on ebay - maybe someone...: THE WORLD'S EXPERIENCE ORCHESTRA - THE BEGINNING OF A NEW BIRTH, World Productions BSE-1

On youtube one can hear an excerpt of the B-Side ("The Prayer").

However - Enjoy!


Robert Ruff, bass
Raqib Hassan, tenor saxophone
William Mathews, tenor saxophone
Mwalim Atif, piano
Syd Smart, drums

1. Ruff's Blues (Ruff) 13:49
2. Impressions (Coltrane) 05:20
3. Shaza-Ra (Ruff) 20:11

Recorded: August 6, 1977 at Long View Farm Studio, Massachussetts.

BAYSTATE RVJ-6022 (lp)
BAYSTATE BVCJ-35106 (cd)



onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you!
You can find a link for the World's Experience Orchestra LP here:


Anonymous said...

this is freebones. i am unable to log in currently.

thanks for this. i'm sure it will be a delightful listen!

verge said...

Looks amazing from the sample. Will be coolin out to this tonight, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of an MP3 upload for those of us with limited hard drive space? Thank you so much.

onxidlib said...

Why don't you transfer it into mp3 by yourself??? and then delete the flacs/wave files!

Any help needed ...?

kinabalu said...

Another alternative is to purchase an external hard drive that can be attached to the computer via a USB cable. I'm now up to about half a dozen of those. I couldn't manage without them, having filled up the internal hard drive(s) x number of times!

We generally post in lossless to give readers an opportunity to enjoy the best sound quality we can offer. Anybody is of course free to convert the files to whatever sound format they're comfortable with, but providing the files in different formats chew up extra server space, so there's that trade-off to consider.

BTW, thanks to anon for the link to the World's Experience Orchestra lp. Inneresting stuff!

And to onx and riccardo and miloo for keeping the show on the road. I've been a little busy out there in the real word of late, so ...

Bhowani said...

many, many, thanks to you, Onxidlib !

Zackery said...

man this is really good. i want to hear more Ruff, but i can't find anything about him :-(

onxidlib said...

Tex Allen does play - for example - on:

Gil Evans' "Svengali" / Louis Hayes "Breath of Live" (Muse) / Charles Davis "Iniga!" (Strata-East) + "Dedicated to Tadd" (West)

影印班長 said...

Hi, it seems that the multiupload website has been down for a while, therefore making it impossible to access the files. Please help. :)

onxidlib said...
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twing:kling said...

Well done Onxidlib, a beautiful session, thanks for making this available once again.

Warm regards. :)

onxidlib said...


SOTISE said...

just wonderful, thank you!

bventure said...

Many thanks for the repost - does anyone still have a copy of World's Experience Orchestra they could share? The link via comments is (inevitably given its age!) dead.