25 May 2011



Michael Smith, piano
Kent Carter, bass
Laurence Cook, drums
Ivan Krillzarin, percussion

1. Tempus Edax Rerum 05:10
---(Time is the consumer of all things)
2. Reflection On Progress 07:44
3. Agreement III 06:03
---(A tribute to Paul Bley)
4. Sunny Day 05:21
5. Tit 07:55
6. Nevenka 04:38
7. Dianoia To Nous 11:47
---(A tribute to Anthony Braxton,
George Russell & Maurice Nicoll)

All pieces by Michael Smith except "Tit" which is from Kent Carter.

Recorded at: Ivar Rosenberg Sound Technic, Copenhagen, August 10 & 14, 1972.




onxidlib said...


Here's a request:

I would like to hear the solo on Horo from Michael Smith 'DUALITIES OF MAN' or the duo wih Steve Lacy on IAI ... maybe someone...


wightdj said...

Good one. Whatever happened to Michael Smith?

serviceton said...

Smith is still alive, residing in Sweden and making music. He has a myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/composerpianist/
Being the online ashtray of social media that myspace is, it's hard to garner a lot of information from the site - but you can find out that he still seems to play, has worked with large-scored music, and had a delightful looking wife who is *considerably* younger that himself.
I think his mesmerising beard and the smoke drifiting on the cover are appropriate here - it's a very 'dramtic' record - and one I enjoy.
Thanks onxidlib!
I will get organized - and find and rip 'The Dualities of Man' - it's worth hearing.
The duet with Lacy should still be available from Bley's label? http://www.improvart.com/cds/iaicat.htm

Eron Rauch said...

That is a really amazing/ridiculous album cover. Got to love that '70's photography and design!

serviceton said...

Fair to say that not many other Storyville releases looked quite like this one - or at all like this one in fact. I'd put it down more to Michael J Smith's preferences and direction, than the decade. Have you seen the back cover ? !! A conventional band shot - but Smith looks saturnine beyond belief (!) - really extraordinary.
There's some great music on here too - although it is possible that the stereo effect on track 6 Nevenka might make you feel vaguely nauseous.
I did not mean to comment earlier that this record was 'dramtic' - but rather 'dramatic' - which it is in spades!

corvimax said...

thank you for a new one from Michael Smith

freebones said...

i look forward to hearing this. many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! Never thought I'd ever see THIS again! Bought it somewhere around 1976-77 and since then have never come across any other recordings. Haven't heard it in at least 15 years [no longer have a working turntable]. Looking forward to comparing it to my memory of it. Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

heard his "Totality" already, posted here yesterday, which seemed unexpectedly interesting to me, so it looks like i will certainly enjoy the way this man's playing in his other solo works, like this one, if the link will be reuploaded, of course :)
dirty vagabond

nijimasu said...

could you reup please? looks like a great lineup. cheers

tpfkaa said...

Can this re-up? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

over a year later and also requesting a re-up - please ! thank you

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Have searched for my rip but it hasn't surfaced.
I have the LP but a new rip is not in my possible schedule at the moment.
Maybe someone who dl it might be able to help.

corvimax said...

new link

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Corvimax - thanks for stepping in - appreciated!!

correct silence said...

Thank you Corvimax for the update et merci Ernst aussi pour la musique blanche.

francisco santos said...


Solomon said...

Thank you!