25 May 2011

Toshiko Akiyoshi & Lew Tabackin Big Band - Live in Stuttgart '79

Another great Big Band from the Seventies.

Rec. live in Stuttgart, Germany, on December 2nd, 1979
(radio broadcast)

Toshiko Akiyoshi,piano,conductor
Lew Tabackin,tenor sax,flute
John Gross,tenor sax
Dan Higgins,alto sax
Ted Nash,alto sax,flute
Bill Byrne,baritone sax
Steven Huffsteter/Bobby Shew/Buddy Childers/Mike Price,trumpets
Bruce Fowler/Rick Culver/Hart Smith,trombones
Phil Teele,bass trombone
Bob Bowman,bass
Steve Haughton,drums

01. Tuning Up [T.Akiyoshi] (14:14)
02. March Of The Tadpoles [T.Akiyoshi/L.Tabackin] (12:18)
03. Transcience [T.Akiyoshi] (04:58)
04. A-10-205932 [T.Akiyoshi] (13:57)
05. Warning! Success May Be Hazardous To Your Health [J.Benedict] (07:12)
06. Since Perry/Yet Another Tear [T.Akiyoshi/L.Tabackin] (19:41)
07. Kogun [T.Akiyoshi] (12:42)
08. After Mr. Teng [L.Tabackin] (10:58)
09. Road Time Shuffle [T.Akiyoshi] (06:30)
10. Hangin' Loose (inc.) [T.Akiyoshi] (11:02)

Total Time 1:53:37

Road Time Shuffle


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