21 May 2011

JiŘí STiVíN & RUDOLF DAŠEK - System Tandem (JAPO 1974)

This album is welcome addition to previously available output of great Czech duo. Vinyl rip contributed by kind and quick Wildgrebe.

Jiří Stivín - alto & soprano sax, flute, recorder
Rudolf Dašek - guitar

01 Puddle on the Muddle 5:39
02 Moravian Folk Song - Forman Going Down the Valley 5:13
03 Hey, Man (Let's Play Something About Spain) 9:10
04 Shepherd Song 10:33
05 What's Your Story 8:01
06 Puzzle Game 3:00

Recorded at unknown studio, May 1974

Japo 60008 oop 1974



miloo2 said...


steve said...

Oooh! Another one I have never heard of from Manfred's vaults! AWESOME! Many thanks!

steve said...

This looks Awesome as all OOP Japo do to me! The files download and then open nicely but I cannot convert to WMA. [Cannot use flac]
Any suggestions? Thanks for all you do on these rare Manfred Eicher releases. VERY NICE!!!
[FYI using spesoft these flacs will not convert to even MP3 or APE can that just be the flac file?
in the past I have had no problem]

miloo2 said...

Steve, why do u think you cannot use flac? most of players including winamp or VLC plays it without problem, and it is full quality loseless format. You can burn it onto cd after converting to wav - use FLAC frontend, small and smart free interface, or do any format of your choice via EAC or Windows Media Player with Daemon Tools and cue file.

Anonymous said...

an obscured masterpiece from our youth
thank you very much

Otto said...

Hello wildgrebe,

first of all: thanks a lot for all that great ECM/Japo albums you made available for the fans of that label, like me, for instance. If you are interested in more music from that label in best possible quality then, please, get into contact with me through following e-mail:
would be nice to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Yo Yo Yo,
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just listen to : "Left Alone", Eric Dolphy Quintet feat. Herbie Hancock.

Happy to find Jirí Stivín & Rudolf Dašek.

Thank you (again)!

Peter said...

Thanks for the George Stevens! ;)

miloo2 said...

NEW LiNK -- Rapidshare

DW said...

miloo2, is there a possibility of a re-up?

Miloš Latislav said...

sure, here is a new link at ulozto.net

DW said...

Miloš Latislav, thanks!!

Chris Conway said...

Thanks for all the Stivin's - so cool to hear these again - I used to have them on LP.
Just donwloaded the flacs for this Japo System Tandem, and they all seem to be in mono which seems unlikely - there are 2 channels but the sound peaks on each side are identical and the L & R meters move the same.

Miloš Latislav said...

You are right, Chris. Strange, I don't remember where I came across these files, it is definitely not my rip. I got also 128 kbps mp3, which is in stereo.

Miloš Latislav said...

Ah, it was contributed by Wildgrebe.