22 April 2011



Elton Dean, saxello, alto saxophone
Mark Charig, cornet
Keith Tippett, piano
Marcio Mattos, bass
Louis Moholo, drums

1. Boundaries 08:10
2. Oasis 12:40
3. Basho 07:30
4. Out Of Bounds 11:43
5. Fast News 04:43

Recorded February 1980 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany.

JAPO 60033



onxidlib said...


steve said...

Awesome, All this early Japo is great! Do you by chance have access to Peter Warren's Solidarity? This is very rare piece indeed. Looks delicious but I have never heard it at all.
thanks from Texas for your effort!

onxidlib said...

Hi Steve,

I do not have Peter Warren's Solidarity - but at least I will post "Endgame" with Guy, Riley, Stevens and Watts...

matt w said...

It looks like ECM has quietly released some of the JAPO records for downloads, including Endgame, the Music Improvisation Company, and the Globe Unity records -- though they're barely mentioned on the site. Anyway, worth looking for on Amazon or something. Not Solidarity, sadly.

wightdj said...

Thanks for this upgrade to my badly worn LP.

mew23 said...

Here is Peter Warren's "Solidarity" (1982) in mp3 with LP cover scans included. Not my rip - it was shared more than 3 years ago by an Italian blogger or file sharer so thanks to the original uploader.

Calisan said...

There's something wrong with multiupload!
You could use "uploadmirrors" http://www.uploadmirrors.com/ is the same thing
Please I'll wait for this great album
Thanks onxidlib

hideo said...

thanks for the lovely Dean (and mew for the Warren bonus)


steve said...

Oh Wow . . . working on that Solidarity download now . . .
many thanks to mew23! Yes,
there are some early and even
later Japo showing up, ECM NY
did send out a notice to their
email subscribers. That has
been a real bonus to me.
Endgame will be nice to hear!
Okay, have the Warren in now.
NICE, for those who like the
Jack Dejohnette directions from
the early day with Warren and
Bernhardt this will sound sweet.
And Scofield in a rare ECM set.

steve said...

Steve in Texas here made a false statement, but not intentionally.
In my excitment about Solidarity
I "remembered" Warren being on the
DeJohnette album "Untitled"
Apologies to Mike Richmond!!!

onxidlib said...

Thanks for all your comments! Here and on the other posts.

@ Calisan - I tried it and everything works fine with multiupload - except the link to "uploading"...

miloo2 said...

Thanks Onxidlib - this is my very favourite ED and britjazz album, aside of Oh! For The Edge. I got absolutely clearly sounding vinyl tarnsfer (I had to remove two small clicks only from it), but will try Japan CD too.

Regarding recent JAPO and early ECM digital releases, I am suggesting eMusic.com - they have friendly pricing and bonus system (even if they changed from credit to monetary system not a long time ago), logical search tools and many albums mentioned above, including Boundaries, are there.

Onxidlib, I already found Stivín's System Tandem CD, so will post it soon.

And last but not least, for those who did not noticed, ED's Ninesense from Bracknell 1978 was posted in comments for other Ninesense gig from 100 Club, 1979. Great performance in mp3@192.

wildgrebe said...

Peter Warren .... Solidarity



nice fresh rip.. i will do some more japo's in due course.. feel free to post this on front page..


Anonymous said...

Henri writes -

Big thank you for this and all the other great stuff by artists I like to think of as 'The Blue Note Posse' ... this site has encouraged by to buy many of the albums...and opened my ears to many new vibes.

Really coool Blog

download link no longer offering up the goods..after ferreting around the web found:


mostly in foreign script but there is a ref to 'inconstant sol' and the included info.txt file looks familiar.

The magnet link and link to download torrent are at:


if you look carefully among the ads and other junk...the download link is


Elton Dean Quintet - Boundaries (JAPO 60033) - 1980, FLAC (tracks), lossless

files: 292.7 МБ

Out Of Bounds.flac
Fast News.flac



Can you please reup it on rapidshare? For some reason I am not able to download it from multiupload... I am a great Elton Dean collector, I have most of his albums on CDs, but I have never heard this one..!

miloo2 said...

Ioannis, "Boundaries" is available as lossless download, follow the links at ECM website, or check eMusic.com for mp3.


I tried all the suggested links + eMusic and I can't find the album. It is available only in a French site, but I can't buy it from England. I have bought almost all the MP3 albums in which Dean participates, I don't have only the ones in multiupload here and the non-released on CDs LPs...

miloo2 said...

Ioannis, it is true it is not easy to fint it on eMusic, but it is there:


You can get it on trial membership, if you are not member already. You can also contact me via my blogger profile for further Elton Dean discussion.


Thank you very much, miloo2!!!

Anonymous said...

After reading that many consider this to be ED's best album, I am sorry that the links are down. Please re-up. Thank you.