21 April 2011


There was a request some time ago - this is the first recording of the Human Arts Ensemble still without Charle 'Bobo' Shaw.

Poetry is well in the foreground with fine contributions by Luther Thomas and James Marshall.

James Marshall and the Human Arts Ensemble are still active > http://freedoniamusic.org/


Ajule Rutlin, tenor radong, poet, drums, small instruments
Luther Thomas, tenor saxophone, tenor radong, small instruments
James Marshall, alto saxophone, tenor radong, small instruments
Carol Marshall, vocal, bass radong, small instruments

01. Introduction
02. Out To Lunch
03. Sophisticated Lady
04. Imagination (1)
05. Imagination (2)
06. Imagination (3)
07. Funny Things
08. Poem Of Gratitude
09. Strange Autumn Tree Shapes
10. Upbeat Feeling
11. God Bless The Child

Recorded : St.Louis, Missouri, October, 1972.


Radong is a Tibetan trumpet.

Tracks now in intended sequence - as proposed by finn < thanks!



onxidlib said...
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wightdj said...

My gratitude, thanks.

Arcturus said...

this rarity is most welcome, thank you

maghetto said...

thanks. did not know about this title

Anonymous said...

This is more than appreciation! I have been looking for this album for years!

finn said...

Finally got this unpacked & sorted! As best as I can figure, the original ripper reversed the two sides; that is, the correct sequence (by filename) is 06.flac, 07, 08, 09, 10, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05. "Out to Lunch" and "Sophisticated Lady" are fused in file 07.flac (he announces the first title, the lyrics to "SL" are clearly recognizable. All the announced tracks line up with their correct titles, and the file numbers are sequential within the sides. Give it a try in that order!

onxidlib said...
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Solomon said...

Thank you.

santos curser said...

another great post ... i knew of the other Human Arts records, never heard of this one,
by the way, I hereby vote to abolish all future use of rapidshare... it is not like they are improving their crappy throttling and limits.(though i must admit many of the shares that were around back then did not last at all, rapidshare at least held on a few years)

onxidlib said...

Hi Santos Curser, that's the reason I keep my RS links.
It is the only file-hoster which hasn't deleted my links (~96%).
Of course this company isn't less a p.o.t.a. as most others (or all of them).
If a re-up to another file-hoster is necessary I shall do so.

onxidlib said...

Obviously rapidshare wasn't as reliable as I thought...


headman said...

Another great share, onxidlib...thank you!

This was a wonderful group and if anyone has other albums by them to share I'd love too hear them too. In particular I'd love to hear the second volume of "Live in Trio Performances" on the Circle label. I bought the first volume when it was first released on vinyl back in the day but have never been able to find a copy of Vol. 2

Javier Roz said...

Thanks onxidlib!

francisco santos said...