22 April 2011


This is the first post (of two) , which I got some days ago. Thank you D.!!

Normally I do not post mp3 or for that matter download for myself - but there are exceptions.

And this recording really deserves to be spread - it was briefly available as CD but is unfortunately OOP.
(Maybe still is in print - I'll try to confirm it!)

Enjoy and thanks to the contributor.


Don Cherry,tp, fl, p, voice
Bernt Rosengren,ts, fl, (oboe, sitar ?)
Maffy Falay, tp, fl
Brian Trentham, tb
Bengt "Frippe" Nordström, as
Tommy Koverhult, ts (4)
Torbjorn Hultkrantz, b
Okay Temiz, dr (4)
Leif Wennerstrom, dr

1. Suite 1
2. Suite 2
3. Suite 3
4. Supreme Surprise

Stockholm's ABF-House, Sweden, July 1967

Anagram Records ANA-008
(mp3 - 320)


onxidlib said...
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magogiallo said...

Thank You for this Don Cherry I hadn't the pleasure to listen till now and thank You for the last two Bernt Rosengren that are wonderful

matt w said...

Thanks very much for posting this -- it's always great to hear Cherry, especially a large-scale suite from this period.

wightdj said...

Very rare, very appreciated!

corvimax said...

very good, thank you

freebones said...

thanks for this. never enough cherry!

Peter said...

Wow! What a find - thank you so much for posting this!

Kevin said...

Thanks for this great, rare find. Excellent contribution!

Anonymous said...

don cherry deleted the links?shit

actuelly said...

i don't get that last joke or whatever it was.
but if there's any way anyone can re-up this, then it would be a blessing --

Anonymous said...

I get the joke and moreover would appreciate a re-up very very much, too

Anonymous said...

Also very much interested in a re-upload! and wondering if anyone here has Cherry's "Brotherhood Suite"?

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Add another request for a re-up on this rarity.

Anonymous said...

another person who'd love a reup here plz, thx

JazzHound said...

Was it discovered that this is in print somewhere? If possible for a reup, Don's music very special. Thanks!

onxidlib said...

You can try it with this email-address


I used this to reach David Reid, the producer of Anagram Records.