18 October 2010

SCHLIPPENBACH TRIO ("First Incarnation")

Before I go on with some german or otherwise OOP - here is a NP.

This special line-up is the direct precursor of the well known Schlippenbach Trio.

A short broadcast (28 minutes) from the 12th German Jazzfestival in Frankfurt.

Alexander von Schlippenbach - piano

Michel Pilz - bassclarinet

Paul Lovens - percussion

22. March 1970 Kongresshalle, Frankfurt, Germany

Buy recordings from Schlippi , Paul and Michel!!

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Thank you.


onxidlib said...
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Sivad said...

Many thanks!

The Haunter said...

Oh yes, thank you much. I have seen Schlippenbach "do his thing" on a piano. Wow!

1009 said...

Dang. You know you are doing ok when you can fire Michel Pilz from your band and pick up Evan Parker. Real nice sound quality here! Folks should not hesitate to d/l this gem!

matt w said...

Very nice stuff, thank you.

glmlr said...

Many thanks, onxidlib. Anything by Michel Pilz is something I want to hear. And I haven't heard this.

wightdj said...

Good one to hear, thanks.

Arcturus said...

much appreciated, thanks

onxidlib said...
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Solomon said...

Thank you.

-Otto- said...

This is going to be my energy bar for the day. Thanks, onxidlib!