19 October 2010


Another gem from the DDR. Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky with different line-ups.
After several LPs on FMP under his own name - his first for AMIGA.

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky / Klaus Koch / Günter Sommer / Kent Carter / Hans-Günther Wauer / Ulrich Gumpert (on trombone)/ Helmut Forsthoff / Hans Rempel / Joachim Graswurm / Hubert Katzenbeier / Eberhard Weise / Wolfgang Winkler / Jochen Gleichmann

Recordings made between 1974 and 1977.

No reissue at the horizon........but there are several Zentralquartet and a duo with drums available on INTAKT: http://www.intaktrec.ch/petrowsky-a.htm
Each one worth its price and your complete attention.



Side A:

1."Eine Improvisation", 2:01,
rec. Live  10.04. 1977, Volksbühne Berlin,
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (as), Klaus Koch (b) & Rundfunk-Jazzensemble Studio 4: Joachim Graswurm (flh), Hubert Katzenbeier (tb), Eberhard Weise (p), Wolfgang Winkler (dr),
2."Hagener Schleife", 2:49,
rec. Live 20.03. 1976, Freiberg,
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (as), Jochen Gleichmann (tp), Helmut Forsthoff (ts), Hans Rempel (p), Klaus Koch (b), Günter Sommer (dr, perc),

3."Hundert Maaßgelinzerte", 2:38,
rec. Live 19.11. 1977, Kammerspiele Berlin, Jazz in der Kammer Nr. 100,
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (ss), Kent Carter (b), Ulrich Gumpert (v-tb), Günter Sommer (dr, perc),
4."Stück für zwei Hölzer", 5:20,
rec. Live 28.06. 1974, Berlin, Kulturhaus Damenmoden,
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (romanian shepherd flute, as), Klaus Koch (b), Günter Sommer (dr, perc),

5."Ladegäste", 4:33,
rec. Live 27.09. 1977, Dom zu Merseburg, Jazz und Orgel,
Hans-Günther Wauer (Ladegast-Organ),Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (ss), Klaus Koch (b), Günter Sommer (dr, perc),
6."Dreiklang", 5:09,
rec. Live 28.06. 1974, Berlin, Kulturhaus Damenmoden,
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (romanian shepherd flute, as), Klaus Koch (b), Günter Sommer (dr, perc),

Side B:

7."Wandertag in Freiberg", 23:04,
rec. Live 19.03. 1976, Freiberg, Freiberger Jazztage,
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (ts, as), Klaus Koch (b), Günter Sommer (dr, perc),

AMIGA 855621 (lp rip)

Cover: Ehbets,
Photos: Otto Sill / Barbara Köppe (Dates are DD/MM/YYYY)



onxidlib said...
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slovenlyeric said...

Last week I put my extra copy of Petrowsky's "Ein Nachmittag in Peitz" up on ebay and got no bids. I was surprized to see how little interest there was in a recording that included him playing a duet with Harry Miller, and in a quintet with Sachse, Heiz Becker, Klaus Koch, and Tony Oxley. Anyway, I thank you for this post. Do you want that disc? Give me your address and it will be my pleasure to send it to you as a gift! I really appreciate your effort.

onxidlib said...

@ slovenlyeric,

thank you very much for your kind offer!
"Unfortunately" I already have this recording.
I also realised that there is only a moderate interest in Jazz from the DDR. But indeed - this was a very special scene - with its own "style" and idiosyncratic solutions.
Maybe I can make a surprise.
I shall send you something.
If you are intersted please mail me your address.
Again - thank you.

jackalope said...

Thank you for posting this - and for the fine LP rip it is. His playing really captivates me more than most "free" players. I hear so many influences from Motown to Coltrane, perhaps Brotzmann (the intensity level at times), maybe Stephan Micus, and more all stirred together in his own sound. I am moved to renew my search for his music when funds allow.

Gerald said...

Another classic!

Gerald said...

By the way, have you heard Petrowsky's work with Ruf der Heimat? Fantastic!

Colin Green said...

Re-ups of this and other Amiga releases would be much appreciated.

onxidlib said...

I will re-up this one as soon as possible. But my pc starts to break down...
However - there are some I have already re-posted:

and a bootlegs with Manfred Schulze, Gumpert etc.:

Recorded in the DDR:


What else do you have in mind?

onxidlib said...


Colin Green said...

Many thanks for that.

Yes, I do have rather more of the Amiga albums than I thought, but there are also these:




Thanks for all your hard work. It's made a huge difference to my musical appreciation.

onxidlib said...

The Jazz Orchester der DDR is in preparation but Solaris and the Synopsis are in print (as CDs) again.

Colin Green said...

Sorry, didn't realise that. Thanks again.

Javier Roz said...

Thanks onxidlib!